Eyes on the Street: Tour de Senator Schumer

Senator Charles Schumer hit the road this Saturday with an entourage of about 20 other cyclists and a police escort. As he led the group down Prospect Park West our tipster heard him telling the assembled, "Jennifer Connolly lives here…" Does anyone know what the bike tour was all about?

Photo: Dave Kenny

  • Clarence

    Since he usually rides solo, must have been some other Senators or other electeds accompanying him.

    He rode by us a few years back during a Prospect Park demo (with a police escort) We heard later that it ended up being then Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle. Only can imagine to have NYPD along, this must have been someone else of similar importance.

    He even told us when he ran into us on a Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway tour back in 2004 that if he rides too far, he’ll just jump on the subway to get home.

  • brent

    re: “if he rides too far, he’ll just jump on the subway to get home.” I hope his police escorts made sure he swiped his metrocard. (See recent CM/ police shenanigans).

  • Clarence

    Brent: Ha, ha! I love that video.

    Although he usually rides solo. So the police escorts wouldn’t be able to check whether he swipes or not.

  • mork

    Do the police escorts ride bicycles too? Because if I was senator, I should as hell wouldn’t have want one of those pesky scooters effing up my bike ride.

  • da

    Did Sen. Schumer have a permit for this ride? Or was he “parading without a permit”?


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