Today’s Headlines

  • Assembly Members Balk at ‘Gentrification of the Streets’ (Brooklyn Eagle)
  • RELATED: Queens Pans Mayor’s ‘Congestion’ Plan (Queens Gazette)
  • RELATED: Gore For Congestion Pricing, Bloomberg For Gore (Observer, AMNY)
  • Shuttered Pedestrian Bridge Included in PlaNYC Parks Revival (NYT)
  • City Buildings Will Be Dimmed, But Not Broadway (Daily News)
  • Office Tower Planned for Bus Terminal Upgrade (Post)
  • NYPD Mass Arrests Caught on Tape (onNYTurf)
  • DOT Repairs Street, Installs Ped Signs Ahead of Bush Visit (Post)
  • City Recommends New Highway Along Railbed (Daily News)
  • California Threatens to Sue EPA (NYT)
  • ddartley

    It would be a beautiful thing if they reopened the High Bridge to pedestrians. Just the other day while driving up the FDR with my parents I mentioned to them that the City ought to do that.

    Hmm… so they’ve bugged my parents’ car too?

  • Jacob

    The Daily News article in no way proposes or has the city proposing a new highway along the railbed. The proposal that is mentioned was shot down in the 1960s and is not on the table. Why would you scare people with that type of link?

  • Brad Aaron


    The headline is based on this passage from the article:

    “But as more trucks move through Brooklyn, a new route must be developed across it, a city traffic study said, before recommending a highway along the rail bed. A city spokesman said the proposal is still on the drawing board.”

    To me this was the most important point of the piece, though maybe I misinterpreted what “still on the drawing board” means. The link was not intended to scare anyone.

  • AD

    I really hope that idea WAS shot down in the 1960s. But from what the article says, it appears still to be on the table, no?