Streetfilms: George Washington Parked Here

Red Hook Lane: A Parking Lot to History
A StreetFilm by Sean Clifford
Running time: 1 minute 22 seconds

StreetFilms’ Sean Clifford discovers that one of New York City government employees’ favorite illegal parking spots in Downtown Brooklyn happens to be the last vestige of a historic road that played a significant role in the Revolutionary War. Alas, did George Washington’s brave regiment of Marylanders sacrifice their lives at Gowanus so that government employees could park all over the sidewalk on Red Hook Lane?

As always, you can find a higher-resolution version of the video here on Streetfilms

  • The father of our country can only weep at this.

  • da

    Forgotten-NY has a nice page on Red Hook Lane:

    Kevin notes it was a Native American path even before it was a colonial road. Plans call for it to be demapped when the two adjoining blocks are consolidated into a single building site for a big tower, and at that point Red Hook Lane will cease to exist.

    Might be nicer to retain Red Hook Lane and put in restaurants or something… somewhere for the office workers to have lunch, sort of like Stone St. in lower Manhattan.

  • Boon Doggle

    I think it’s already officially demapped. It’s just on death row until a developer is ready to build.

    It is sad to lose a piece of history, although redeveloping some of the nastier buildings in Downtown Brooklyn is a decent goal. Tough to reach a balance.

  • Fascinated

    VERY nice little film. (Not least the music.) I’d love to see more of these. The absence of dialogue points up the ambiguity of the situation that is often lost in the so-called permit abuse scandal. (Lost on me, at least.) I don’t love it that there are cars on the sidewalk, but I’m not exactly outraged. (Lars: you ARE kidding, aren’t you?) I mean, these aren’t Hummer drivers or developers on the sidewalk: they’re civil servants. They don’t belong there, but . . . .
    Much better than hectoring me and setting up a picnic in a parking spot, if you want to bring people to your side of the debate.

  • You’ve got to think that Lars is kind of kidding.


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