NYC School Construction and Maintenance Going Green


CBS News reports:

The New York City Department of Education and the School Construction Authority on Tuesday announced the publication of the NYC Green Schools
Guide and Rating System, which will be used to guide the sustainable design, construction, and operation of new schools, modernization projects, and school renovations.

Prescriptive Energy Efficiency Measures required by the GSG, including high efficiency building envelope and HVAC systems, will ensure that NYC’s "green schools" are designed to save energy costs by at least 20
percent over other regulatory mandates

Water-conserving plumbing fixtures such as metered faucets, dual flush toilets,
low-flush urinals, and low flow showers will result in the reduction of potable water usage in each school by more than 40 percent

  • MD

    Schools waste a ton of money on heat. It’s very common to open windows during the winter because its too hot in the classrooms. Also not uncommon for heat to be on during the warm weather. Then again, freezing classrooms are also common, depending on what part of the buildings you’re in. So maybe that helps balance it out.

    I once had a classroom where we had to run the AC in the winter. I think it was because the windows didn’t open.

  • Nona

    Sounds like my office building.

  • Anne

    even with old-school heating systems, these overheating and balance issues can – and should – be addressed. big waste of energy and money.

    get with it, nyc office of sustainability!

  • Howard Gottlieb

    Hello I am a teacher in P.S. 503 in Sunset Park. I have been working as a teacher for close to five years. I also go to school for urban planning at Pratt. Next fall I am going to graduate from Pratt with a degree in Environmental Systems. I then plan on finishing up my urban planning degree. I also plan on taking the Leed exam. I would like to help. I believe it is very important to make sure schools are running efficiently. How can I get involved? Thank you.
    Howard Gottlieb

  • Steve Faust

    Is there any possibility that schools can provide secure bicycle parking for students and teachers and staff. Some, not all, have car parking lots for teachers as well as school hour curbside priority parking. Driving good – bikes bad?
    Brooklyn Tech had/has teacher bike parking in a small ground floor room. Surprisingly, the few students who asked for access got the key.
    I have noticed that CityRacks have been installed outside a number of schools, good for visitors but not for long term bike commuting.



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