Transportation Alternatives Volunteer Night – Mailing Party

Join New York City’s advocates for cyclists and pedestrians as they spread the word about their important work. Activities include stuffing envelopes, folding t-shirts and sending out campaign materials with fellow activists.


Thursday Headlines: So, a Pigeon Gets on a Bus Edition

We are red-faced to admit this, but we missed CBS2’s incredible coverage of the minor bus crash on Tuesday that apparently resulted from a driver who was distracted by a passenger. That passenger was a pigeon. Or at least that’s what the bus driver is saying, given that the bird with the beef is now […]

Wednesday’s Headlines: Reckless Drivers Are Everywhere Edition

Let’s talk about reckless drivers for a second. New York City speed cameras — which, remember, only operate at 140 schools, and only during school hours — caught millions of scofflaws over the last five years. But in 2017, 25,881 drivers received five or more tickets from a speed camera. Those are seriously reckless drivers. […]