5-Borough Bike Club’s Frostbite Ride for “The World’s Greatest Pancakes”

Lunch will be extremely warm and delicious, at Bayonne’s Broadway Diner. Journey further to Liberty State Park. Bring a lock, money for lunch and a camera. Leaders Ed DeFreitas and others. Note: This is the first 5-Borough Bike Club ride for which an NYPD parade permit was obtained.


Happy Bike Month, NYC

This is the first full week of Bike Month 2009. There are rides, workshops and other events almost every day, and we don’t have room for all of them on the Streetsblog calendar, so visit the Bike Month NYC website for complete info. Back for another year are the ever popular Borough President breakfasts for […]

5 Borough Bike Club General Meeting – 30 Days Down Under

G’day Mates! Hop on your “push bike,” and join Richard Sanford for his Australian adventure. His 600 mile, 30 day journey took place during Australia’s summer months, and early into the fall, from March 10 to April 10 of 2006. His 18 days of long distance touring along Australia’s east coast had him coming face […]

Eyes on the Street: Five Borough Bike Tour

What a big weekend for public cycling events. This Sunday, more than 30,000 cyclists enjoyed perfect weather for the 30th anniversary of the Five Borough Bike Tour, a 42-mile traffic free ride through the city including a jaunt along the Gowanus Expressway in Brooklyn. It is the largest recreational cycling event in America. Photo: diddlbiker/Flickr