Illegal Permit Parking Crackdown Underway?


Word has it that the city is finally cracking down on uncivil servants’ illegal parking privileges. Was this the final outrage that finally spurred the Bloomberg Administration to take action?

  • A Manhattan tipster reports that a jersey barrier has suddenly appeared in front of the Brooklyn Bridge on-ramp where scores of Police Plaza employees have been parking their personal vehicles since 9/11 closed the ramp to traffic.
  • A Brooklyn tipster says that traffic cones have been put out on Adams Street in Downtown Brooklyn preventing government employees from parking illegally and that a bigger parking sweep may be on its way.

Transportation researcher Bruce Schaller estimates
that the curbside parking spaces consumed by government employees would
be worth $46 million per year in parking meter revenue. And if government
employees drove to work at the same rate as their private sector
counterparts, 19,200 fewer cars would enter Manhattan each day. Transportation Alternatives’ study, Above the Law shows that citywide, more than 3 out of every 4 permit holders (77%) use their permits illegally. The NYPD is responsible for 46% of illegal permit abuse, by far the largest share from any single agency.

Who will be the first Streetsblog tipster to send me a photo of the
Brooklyn Bridge on-ramp devoid of police officers’ illegally parked

Photo: Brooklyn Heights Blog 

  • Hurry, someone who works at 1 Center St., take a photo.

    Anyone visiting the men’s restroom on the 19th Floor, you get a perfect view of that off-ramp.

    It always made me so mad when I went to those offices to see that off-ramp turned parking lot.

  • Anonymous

    Regular reader/commenter here, but staying anonymous about this like I promised I would:

    Not long ago some cops mildly (but quite obnoxiously) harassed me after they saw me merely looking at (and then walking away from) some of their colleagues’ private cars parked on a sidewalk.

    The experience was so enraging in its appearance of deliberate intimidation that I wrote a lengthy letter to their precinct’s commanding officer. I tried to make clear that I wasn’t interested in complaining about individual officers (hadn’t caught their names anyway), but rather about the appearance of a completely wrong set of values shared by three (and possibly, I worried, many more) very powerful individuals. And then, as promised, I sent copies (redacted to anonymize the precinct) to Commissioner Kelly’s and Bloomberg’s offices.

    I would like to dream that maybe my letter had something small to do with this recent improvement to the City’s fair adminsitering of public space. (Of course that would be typical of government officials–complain about one thing, and they fix something else!)

  • It’s about time that the city cracked down on this illegal practice. NYC made over $575 million in 2005 in parking ticket revenue, but suprisingly that figure drops slightly (to $552 million) in the 12 months spanning June 2005 – June 2006. The City officials can’t be happy about this revenue drop, maybe they finally realize that they will actually earn more revenue (meters) by toughening up on this sickening abuse of power.

  • Steve

    I also had some interesting encounters arising from my attempts to expose illegal permit parking. I posted some pictures to Flickr and Streetsblog, and 40 or so people looked at the pictures. Then, about two weekends ago it appears that links to the pictures were circulated among law enforcement professionals, and for a 24 hour period they got about 50 hits an hour. Then the nasty comments started. Then last week I received a few anonymous phone calls. All of them were hangs-up except the last call, in which I was yelled at for posting the pictures and told my “ass is meat.”

    As I told one of the online commenters, one of the the biggest problem with cops breaking the parking laws is that it leaves everyone wondering, what other laws the cops are breaking?

  • Wow. That’s bad news, Steve.

  • Anonymous

    Yep, and it’s, you know, illegal. I’d be tempted to call the cops…

  • TG

    Similar evidence from uptown:

    As of January 1st, NYC has been ticketing illegally parked cars along Convent Avenue through City College (135th-140th streets). Previously, the college had been able to persuade the city to turn a blind eye to these cars, even though they created dangerous conditions for pedestrians.

  • JF
  • SC

    Look for a video on illegal parking on Red Hook Lane in Downtown Brooklyn soon.

  • Spud Spudly

    There’s a thin line between cops and criminals. Tell any cop that harrasses you that you’ll see him at 40 Rector Street (CCRB headquarters). They’ll know what you mean.

    It’s great to stop parking abuses, but really, who the heck cares about the Brooklyn Bridge off ramp that’s been closed for five years? Is that affecting anyone, or is it just an emotional issue?

  • yellow writing

    What is that yellow stuff the windshield in picture is marked up with? I want to get me some.

  • Spud Spudly

    Grease pencil, I would guess.

  • moocow

    During the first Gulf War, my friends and I found that the Wax pencil you use for marking tires, (found in gas stations) would write on glass, and took more than razor blades to get it off. I was writing on my own windows with it. The rear window of a Volvo wagon is a great billboard for questioning the war – watching the reactions of irate motorists was always entertaining. Of course the ridiculousness of the arena of debate (the New England roadway) was lost on my 17 year old self.


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