Holiday Headlines


  • ddartley

    The CM editorial in the Times points out some “real problems:” cyclists running red lights and going the wrong way. I won’t defend those actions, but I hope the Times gets a lot of responsive letters that point out that there are other “real problems,” namely, the talking on cell phones while driving, running red lights, and pointless but violent acceleration (between red lights, no less), all of which I see motorists do *every* *single* *day,* without exception.

  • agreed. unfortunately, the problem is that there is a real perception among pedestrians that no cyclists obey any laws whatsoever. i roll up to crosswalks at a red light on my way to work and peds actually stop in their tracks assuming that i’m going to blow through the light. when i stop behind the white line, they look at me as if they’ve just seen a unicorn. pedestrians are conditioned that “cyclist = danger” – that’s not good. then, of course, right on cue a numbnuts biker rides right through them and blows the light.
    i would argue, though i have no numbers to back it up, that the percentage of cyclists who habitually flout laws and endanger peds is *higher* than that of motorists, (albeit with less deadly consequences). this is partly because there are less of us, but also partly because we get away with it most of the time. pedestrians should be our allies – in the current environment, they couldn’t be more against us.