Eyes on the Street: Horrific Ped Fatality in Bklyn Hts This AM

Henry_Street.jpgFrom a Streetsblog tipster:

At 6:00 am a garbage truck (CSI company?) turned from Montague Street on to Henry Street and hit and killed a mid 50’s pedestrian. Her shoes and back pack were splayed on the street and I believe that a tire crushed her…

I live on Montague Terrace around the corner from the accident and I always hear these commercial trucks whizzing around at night but, even worse, when they compact the garbage after the stops, the liquid garbage goo from the restaurants and food stores leaks out the back of their trucks and leaves oily slicks on the ground for bicyclists and pedestrians and cars to skid and crash on.

Photo: Henry Street at Joralemon, Brooklyn Heights.

  • horrible accident.

    that garbage sludge is gross – and extremely dangerous to bike over! i’ve done it twice and there’s no way to stay upright. fortunately, both have been at stoplights, so there was little danger of getting immediately crushed by a car, but still! if you see it, steer clear!

  • Adam White

    Hi happened upon the scene shortly after it occurred and saw the woman’s body covered in a sheet about 10 – 15 feet south of the crosswalk and the green private garbage truck some ways down the block. It was pretty gruesome and has affected me the past few days. Today, I read the cover story in the B-Heights newspaper and was outraged (though not surprised) that the cops didn’t even issue a summons to the driver. Further, the paper reported that “[o]fficials said that the truck had the light as it made a left from Montague Street onto Henry.” This was after mentioning that the woman (prof from Brooklyn Law) had been IN THE CROSSWALK. There was no mention that the ped had the green light too nor that she had the right of way. The paper and “officials” make it seem like the driver did nothing wrong, he had the green light afterall. I am beyond livid by this. It’s nice to know, however, that the City is concerned about people’s consuming trans-fats. I don’t know anyone who was killed suddenly, violently and involuntarily by consuming too many french fries. AW

  • Adam White

    One thing I omitted — based upon the distance of the body from the crosswalk and the fact that she was apparently struck, thrown some distance and run over, the driver obviously took the turn at a high rate of speed and completely ignored the well-marked crosswalk. Further, there was nothing to obstruct the driver’s view. AW


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