Today’s Headlines

  • Steve

    The article on bus surveillance cams states that the license plates of vehicles in front of the bus can be captured, but suggests that this information would be used only to protect against violent crime or fraud against the MTA. The article also suggests that there may not be enough funding to equip the buses with cameras. Is it possible that the MTA does not recognize the potential to use the cameras to pay for themselves, by ticketing the owners of vehicles blocking bus stops or double parking? As I understand it, that potential has been recognized in connection with the newly- announced BRT lines. The unfortunate conclusion is that its OK to impede an “ordinary” bus. Also, the second set of cameras, that watch the riders, are troubling from a privacy perspective.

  • someguy

    MTA can snap shots of license plates blocking the buses but I don’t think they could issue fines/tickets without legislative approval. Hopefully such legislative approval is forthcoming and MTA recognizes, if not publicly, the capability of these cameras to be incorporated into a future bus stop/lane enforcement program.