Borderline Behavior

Be careful not to be run over by Madonna as she careens about town to promote her new children’s book. From yesterday’s Post:

Post reporter Marianne Garvey watched Madonna’s drivers zip through 40 red lights in four days as startled pedestrians shook their fists in anger. One driver, who identified himself only as Abel, explained, "Some days she gets in back and says, ‘Abel, I don’t want to be followed’ – and I know what to do."

"She enjoys this," he added. "She likes it when we do bad things."

The star’s lead driver is Patrick Golden, a retired police officer whose brother is also an ex-cop, State Sen. Martin Golden of Brooklyn. The caravan consists of two enormous jet-black SUVs, a Chevrolet Tahoe and a Cadillac Escalade. Both have black-tinted windows to keep the superstar safe from prying eyes.

  • brent

    Thank you for mentioning this. For too long, Hollywood has embraced and even promoted the auto, equating it with sex, freedom, and everything else. Its time to expose the car for what it truly is- a weapon of intimidation. Its time to expose motorists for what they truly are- impatient, self centered, and wasteful. The image of empty, soulless celebrities motoring around our city with the belief that they are above everyone else sickens me.

  • Sean

    Irony alert —

    Madonna starred in a BMW-produced mini-movie (read fancy commercial) produced by her husband, Guy Ritchie, in which she plays a bitchy celebrity demanding that her driver get her to the “venue” faster.

    It’s hilarious.

  • Steven

    I hear the drivers of Princess Di are available.

  • brad

    Wonder if she gets the irony that she is endangering the lives of children and their parents as she promotes her children’s book. I’m guessing not.