Where in the City is This?

A community garden. A cyclist. A highrise in the background. Where in New York City is this?

  • mike

    E. Houston Street

  • and Second Ave?

  • mfs

    east river park?

  • No to both, but you’re heading in the right direction…

  • Lars

    A scene from the new WIll Smith movie?

  • Ave C and 4th street?

  • Sorry, I’m going to have to say it’s not the lower east side.

  • Matthew

    Battery Park City

  • Ok, now I’m going to rule out Manhattan Island. The big hint is that this community garden is close to the East River.

  • ddartley

    Socrates Sculpture Park?

  • AD

    I’ve gotta say that it is somewhere on the Upper Green Side (i.e., Upper East Side) of Manhattan. Whoops- I now see that you ruled that out. Hmmmm. ASTORIA.

  • Ok, you guys are getting close. So as a final clue, Riddle me this:

    What lies within Upper Green Side territory (Community Board 8), but does not lie within the island of Manhattan?

    Astoria/sculpture Garden is not correct.

  • I don’t why the smily face came up – it should read Community Board eight above.

  • mike

    Roosevelt Island.. now as to where on the Island….?

  • Roosevelt Island?

  • Yes – Roosevelt Island is the answer.

    On the far northside of the island, there is a 124-plot community garden. Each family with a small plot (I’m sure there is a waiting list!)tends it themselves, but anyone is allowed in to relax and enjoy the day.

  • What do they win, Glenn?

  • Clarence

    This was a good contest. I thought it might be Long Island City…

  • I can send them more pictures of my bike trip over there. Some really cool views of the East River. I also took a picture of a non-descript steel container with wires coming out of it and going into the water which I believe are for the East River tidal power station.


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