The Bronx is Burning Bicycling


In the aftermath of last weekend’s 5,000 rider Tour de Bronx, I thought it might be worth revisiting the the Department of City Planning’s August 2006 Bronx Harlem River Bicycle and Pedestrian Study. The study identifies a number of specific ways to carve out space for cyclists and pedestrians and help neighborhoods of the South Bronx get better connected to the Harlem River waterfront. Though it doesn’t recommend any ways to actually reduce motor vehicle traffic, there is some good stuff in here. More:


  • Boogiedown

    Ummm. Maybe you could also check out the redesign of the Grand Concourse. After 20 years of “studies”, construction has started and is due to be finished in 2.5 years. Yes, there is a plan for a bike lane (but only after the DOT was shamed into including one) but there is a plan for only ONE bike lane. That’s right, folks, you get to ride in a white painted lane (since they are spending so many millions, is it too much to ask for more), but only if you happen to be headed SOUTH. Northbound, not so much. If ever there was a time for a bike advocate to step in and make some noise, it is now before it is too late. BTW: this first section of the redesign will serve as the template for the entire (eventual) renovation of the Concourse.

  • Thanks for highlighting the portion of the Bronx Harlem River Greenway we have been targetting especially the waterfront park and access aty the terminus of Park Avenue. Though our community identified site is featured on the cover, and the New Yorkers for Parks community driven architect created schematics are included in the official plan, now the Parks Department has expressed concerns about fast tracking this ideal site as an official park. We are confident that this is entriely urelated to our efforts to stop the ill-advised watertheme park on Randall’s Island and our advocacy for the implementation of the South Bronx Greenway Amtrak viaduct and year round accesss from east harlem immediately.

    Please encourage your contacts in the parks Department to prioritize the South Bronx Harlem River Waterfront Park. Thanks!

  • LS

    Regarding redesign of the Grand Concourse:
    Boogiedown, your infomation is not correct. The new design does include bike lanes in both directions.


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