Eyes on the Street: MetroCard Bike



”The use of cycles has a place,” Councilman John Liu recently told the Times. ”But it doesn’t come anywhere near the capability of mass transit in making our city greener.”

Whichever mode is greener, this New Yorker has all of his or her bases covered.

  • e

    CM Liu: Oh it doesn’t? Maybe you should take a trip to Amsterdam.

    Though he eventually gets it, this guy seems to take his time.

  • Sean

    Doesn’t matter whether he’s right or wrong.

    If he’s right, bike lanes take up space that could be used more efficiently for car travel, making car travel less attractive, making mass transit more attractive. The last two are wins, regardless of the direct benefit from bike travel.

    If he’s wrong …

  • The DOT has already admitted that bike lanes are a good way to “calm automobile traffic”. The only question remaining is how much they want to calm traffic or encourage it…

  • Mitch

    I don’t see the point in arguing about the comparative greenness of bikes and mass transit. Bike and transit complement each other. Bikes are more useful for long distance trips if you can go part of the way by train or bus (bike racks on buses are surprisingly useful). In some places at least, transit is faster and more convenient if you can use a bike to avoid awkward connections.

    The bike in the picture is probably the only one around with Metrocards on the frame and in the spokes, but a lot of bikers probably have one in their pocket.


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