Today’s Headlines

  • Queasy Rider is one of the better articles written on this issue in quite some time, but the article and many of the commenters inevitably fall into the “Maybe this cycling thing just ain’t New York” trap.

    It’s hard sometimes to envision a world different from the one we currently inhabit where cycling would be the norm for healthy people of all ages, as opposed being extremely rare.

    According the the NYC Bike Master Plan (p.6), about 50% of people would commute by bike if given access to 1. An on-street bike lane 2. Building access for secure bicycle parking 3. Facilities to shower and change clothes.

    It goes on to point out that following the installation of this infrasture in other cities there have been triple digit growth in cycling leading to significant shares of trips up to 25% of all trips in Denmark, 18% in the Netherlands and 11% in Germany.

    So instead of “That ain’t NYC”, think “If you build it, they will pedal it”