Eyes on the Street: 8th Avenue

8th_ave_bikelane.bmpOrcutt wrote:

Manhattan’s 8th Avenue below 34th Street late this morning was not moving. Guess which special lane along the left side of the avenue frustrated drivers decided to use (where it wasn’t already blocked by a truck) to try to gain some ground? (Hint: See file photograph at right)

  • anon

    pardon my french f##k the 8th avenue bike lane!

  • Mike

    I think that unless the bike lanes are physically separated from the roadway (either by a curb or a barrier of some sort), then cars will see it as a free lane. Just striping the road isn’t enough…

  • have you guys seen this guys website?

  • Matt

    In response to 2:

    Having a physically separated lane makes it impossible to cycle vehicularly — leave the lane in the event of debris or another obstacle (say, a pedestrian or wrong-way cyclist), merge across traffic sufficiently early to make a turn, etc.

    How about just getting the NYPD to enforce the laws against driving in the bike lane already on the books?

  • I once pointed out to a NYPD officer the Hummer suv parked (!) in the bike lane on 8th Ave/34th-35th street. He wisely asked if I considered that it might be there for a reason.
    Yes, NYPD will have to learn to see the bigger picture if these bikes lanes are to be effective at all.


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