The New Green: Alternative Energy, Conservation, & Urban Design

The Broadway Democrats forum whas invited speaker Dr. Klaus Lackner, affiliated with Columbia University’s Earth Institute, and Neil Chambers, president, Chambers Design, Inc., Founder, Green Ground Zero

WHERE: Bank Street College, 610 West 112th Street (between Broadway & RIverside Drive)

WHEN: 8 – 9:30 p.m.

COST: Free



Rethinking Soho

A Porsche, an ambulette, Paul Steely White, Bruce Schaller and a vendor compete for street space in Soho Crowded shoppers and residents want more sidewalk space in Soho and they would be happy to give up some of the area’s parking space to get it, according to a study released today by Transportation Alternatives (Download […]

Design For Permanent Times Square Plazas Released

By taking out a troublesome diagonal from the Manhattan grid, the Green Light for Midtown program improved street safety and retail business while creating new public space at one of New York City’s most iconic locations. Pedestrian injuries are down 35 percent and injuries to motorists are down 63 percent, even while traffic is flowing […]

New MTA Grates Double as Seating, Bike Racks

Not to steal anyone’s thunder, but the MTA has rolled out the second of three prototype grates designed to keep stormwater out of the subways while doubling as street furniture. The first design, though incorporating a bench, is more artful and less functional than the prototype shown above, which includes seating as well as bike […]