Eyes on the Street: Hudson River Greenway Crash

Sproule Love wrote:

Yesterday I saw yet another peice of evidence that drivers are out of control in NYC… A NY Waterway bus hit a cyclist crossing an entryway that intersects with the West Side bike path at 40th Street. The cyclist seemed OK, not fatally wounded, but it is still a horrible sight to see only a short distance from the Ghost Bike marking where Dr. Carl Nacht was killed by an NYPD tow truck. I didn’t get any names, but thought somebody should report it.

  • I also went by shortly after the crash – she was sitting up, but being attended by cops and medics, the bus empty.

    I had just narrowly avoided a van that was being waved through a line of cyclists by a clueless traffic guy who seemed to be working for the cruise ship terminal a little north of the NY Waterway area.

  • In case anyone is interested in tracking it down, this was at about 8:40 a.m. on Tuesday, at about 40th Street and the path.

  • jp

    I saw that a couple of people mentioned this accident two days ago in some of the comment sections on this site. I haven’t seen any mention of the accident anywhere. I guess someone has to get killed for it to be a big deal. But in my opinion when a bus collides with a biker on a bike lane in the same vecinity where another bicyclist was recently killed I think its the media’s duty including Aaron Naparstek editor of this site to cover the issue. Isn’t that what this sites about or is it just a culmination of other peoples investigations? Or maybe just maybe bicycle advocates find that publicising accidents that occur on bike lanes underscore the need for more designated bike routes?????

  • Another who sees stuff like this should post their tip here

  • We try to do our own reporting as much as possible but really depend a lot on the online community for tips, stories and information.

  • ray

    great progress I am reading, but I also would of got snagged if I didn t know what to look for

    policing for bike safety is mandatory not ticketing unsuspecting tourists for riding in pedestrian paths


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