Bad Driver or Bizarre 9/11 Re-Enactment?


The New York Post reports:

September 13, 2006 — A Long Island driver turned his car into a deadly missile yesterday when he hit a dirt mound, zoomed 200 feet through the air and crash-landed into the second floor of an apartment complex, police said.

The horrifying morning mishap in Coram killed the driver, Vincent Pontillo, 43, but his car miraculously missed terrified tenant Amrita Bijoor when the car came to a stop in her bathroom.

"I heard a thud and I just got out of there," said Bijoor, who was in her bedroom getting ready for work when the car crashed only 10 feet away from her.

  • AD

    The Dukes of Hazzard come to Long Island.

  • That car had to be going FAST. I mean, like 80-100 mph or something.

  • Maybe only about 70 mph – MythBusters just did this on their special 2-hour “movie myths” episode last night. They did the traditional Dukes of Hazzard “jump a car from a dirt pile” stunt and were able to get a real nice jump from only about 70 mph. Almost as high as that hole looks. Get a better ramp/launch-point, and you could certainly meet that.

    70 mph is still FAST of course…

    (I feel compelled to add that this is not advised – the myth was busted in the sense that, yeah, you could launch a car from a dirt pile, and yeah, if you’re skilled you could even land it and drive away, but you’d likely crush some vertebrae and not WALK away…)

  • The Daily News coverage contains more background info on the driver, family, friends etc. The writers seemed to have a pretty good time with it. I don’t have link handy at present, however.

    Note that Suffolk County has more overall traffic deaths than any other NY county without fail, every year. Also up there on a per capita basis.

  • AD

    What is it with Coram anyway? This is the second out-of-control crash in two weeks.

  • James

    Ya, tried this at 55 miles per in a mini pick up, kind of like baja 100 style. The outcome was the classic flip. Don’t know how the car stayed so tires down though on this stunt of his? sincerely, js

  • JS,

    How is it that you are still alive to post comments here on this blog?


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