Bad Driver or Bizarre 9/11 Re-Enactment?


The New York Post reports:

September 13, 2006 — A Long Island driver turned his car into a deadly missile yesterday when he hit a dirt mound, zoomed 200 feet through the air and crash-landed into the second floor of an apartment complex, police said.

The horrifying morning mishap in Coram killed the driver, Vincent Pontillo, 43, but his car miraculously missed terrified tenant Amrita Bijoor when the car came to a stop in her bathroom.

"I heard a thud and I just got out of there," said Bijoor, who was in her bedroom getting ready for work when the car crashed only 10 feet away from her.


Park Slope Parent Ped Rage

Enjoy this bit of dialogue overheard on the renowned Park Slope Parents e-mail list. A mom pushing a stroller witnesses a bicyclist get hit by a car. Someone else confirms and adds to the story. Others jump in with their own stories of Brooklyn’s unmitigated motor vehicle mayhem. Your reward for reading this somewhat lengthy […]