Cops Threaten Reporter Over Parking Scandal Report


How important are illegal parking perks to New York City government employees? The Daily News reports that CBS Channel 2’s Brendan Keefe received threatening late night phone calls for his continuing coverage of the Lower Manhattan government employee parking scandal. Keefe’s story focused specifically on police officer parking perks:

"Is it unsettling? Yes," Keefe said. "Is it intimidating? No."

The calls to his home came after his number was put on NYPD Rant, a Web site not affiliated with the NYPD in any way.

Two of the callers blocked their numbers; one didn’t. Keefe called him back, and the guy admitted he was an officer in Brooklyn.

Ch. 2 is consulting with its attorneys about filing a complaint with the NYPD, according to a spokeswoman.

"What we’re concerned about is there’s an attempt by some people, official or not, to intimidate us to get us off a story," Keefe said, vowing to not let go.

  • These sorts of special benefits are so emotionally important to people – they are something a person feels they have achieved and deserve, and most importantly, something they’ve achieved that other people haven’t.

    This needs to be fixed, but it may be politically expedient to give these people a replacement perk to fulfill the sense of entitlement. But what? What can compete with the ego attachment of cars and the ability to put yours anywher eyou want?

  • Books for a Penny

    how about a cubic zirconia studded metro card holder?

  • Frank

    Let’s give them free Metrocards and priority access to the “disabled seating” on NYC buses and subways. Than we can watch the cops steal public resources from cripples, old people, and pregnant ladies instead of Chinatown businesses. Should be much more interesting.

  • P

    The NYPD Rant certainly made for some interesting reading. I’m interested in hearing their arguments in favor of their parking priviledges (making it to court on time, among others) but it is obvious that the perk is being abused.

  • Nicolo Macchiavelli

    If they are cops they already get a free commute courtesy of the LIRR and Colin Ferguson.


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