Another Very Bad Week to Ride a Bike in NYC

In the wake of this morning’s Midtown bike fatality, a correspondent reports:

This week three cyclists have been killed or seriously injured in New York City. The first one was on Sunday in Brooklyn. A 10-year-old boy was killed while riding his bike home from his Little League championship game. On Tuesday afternoon another kid was struck and killed while riding his bike in the Bronx at 1648 Grand Avenue at 174th street. I do not have details. Last night, at approximately 11:30 pm in Williamsburg, Brooklyn another cyclist was hit and severely injured at South 4th Street and Roebling Avenue, possibly by a DUI driver.

  • Urgh, whenever the weather feels perfect for a bike ride I get this sinking feeling that we will have another round of bike fatalities as a reminder of how unsafe it is out there. And here we go again as the temperatures are in the comfortable 70s, we again hit a rash of deaths.

    Why must cyclists die?
    Please end this grief
    for neighbors who cry
    for basic traffic relief

  • Mr. fed up

    the bike master plan is 10 years old and only 15% complete. who you gonna blame?

    Virus Weinstall

  • The person in critical condition, who got hit on South 4th and Roebling is named “Bronx” John. He is one of the staples of the NYC messenger community. A kind soul and very experienced rider. My prayers for John. Pull through this brother.

  • I have been hit by a car twice in two years in Manhattan. Fortunately both times I walked away with just little missing skin.

    Last week I was going through an intersection when a car that had been going straight decided to make an abrupt right turn with no signal. He turned right into me and knocked me down.

    Even the bike lanes that do currently exist are useless. Cars and trucks either drive in them or park in them. The best is when a police car parks in the bike lane.

    The greenways are also nice, but are far too narrow for the traffic. It would be wonderful if the city would do more to promote cycling. Until then, I strap my helmet on tight and try to keep my distance.

  • Bronx Jon, you’re in my thoughts and in my heart.

    You better be tough and get through this cuz we love you.

  • According to the July edition of Adventure Cyclist magazine, Adventure Cycling Association has joined a task force newly convened by the League of American Bicyclists to boost national safety efforts. For information about the League’s intiative, contact Jim Sayer at or Amanda Eichstaedt (chair of the task force) at

  • I hate to say it, but were these cyclists following the traffic laws?
    Also, the ten year old was old enough to ride on the sidewalk, legally.

  • c

    Toby, following traffic laws for does not necessarily make bicyclists safer. Indeed, it often makes us less safe. This is not to say, of course, they we should blow through red lights either. Just don’t assume that a bicyclist was breaking a traffic law (most, introduced in this City after MOTOR vehicles became a problem), or that if one was, that they’re automatically at fault.

  • BQE

    Did Bronx John’s bike have brakes?

  • richie rich

    toby… i don’t ride, but i walk around williamsburg. one out of two drivers speed double the limit. most don’t obey the stop signs. it’s awful. the police need to be more vigilant about this. maybe even posting cameras at intersections.

  • ryan the girl


    looks like it will be heading out to Shamar Porter’s baseball game and then over to his ghost bike.

    GAP 7 pm or Brooklyn side of Williamsburg Bridge

  • Lauren

    that driver was going really fast.
    I don’t know Jon but I can get it off my mind. best wishes to him and his friends/family during this difficult time. I really hope he’s okay.

  • JK

    Mayor Bloomberg found the time to endorse Joe Lieberman.

    I would like him to find the time to make some simple expression of concern and sympathy for those cyclists killed and seriously hurt in the last week

    There is a great deal of harsh public rhetoric aimed at cyclists for irresponsible behavior. It is important that the mayor regularly remind everyone that cycling is good for New York, we want more people to ride, and reassure us that he cares and that the city is working for safer streets.Bureaucrats take their cues from their boss. When they see harsh new police rules being proposed and crackdowns in Central Park, it sends them the signal that cyclists are a nuisance and they deserve what they get.

  • bk cmer

    hey all. . .

    some of us in the brooklyn biking community will be biking around brooklyn tonight in the monthly brooklyn critical mass

    nypd and cyclists have worked together for two years to make brooklyn’s critical mass rides safe, fun and arrest free.

    tonight there is a pretty good chance that we will stop and memorialize fallen cyclists, bronx john, donna goodson (killed in june), and shamar porter (10 years old killed last weekend).

    meet at grand army plaza or the williamsburg bridge at 7pm

    wear black and bring flowers

  • doodoobrown

    Was he obeying the laws?!?
    Did he have brakes?!?
    What the FCUK is wrong with you people! Jon is an incredibly experienced rider here in a dangerous urban environment. the way he rides is his business and his business only. For the record, however ive only ever seen Jon ride freewheel with brakes. When someone is hurt it is no time for some “advocates” to come second guessing, i.e. blaming the cyclist just to further their stupid agendas or to seperate said rider from their personal ideology. believe it or not there are those of us who could care less if there were more bike lanes, etc. This is NY and it will suredly always remain a tough place to ride and work. Don’t FCUK with the messengers and don’t speak for us if we don’t ask you too. Bronx Jon, my prayers are with you.

  • ck_bk

    lauren (or anyone else w/info) – did you witness john’s accident? if so please contact me at

    For the armchair transportation critics out there: John was a PROFESSIONAL cyclist. He was on the street day in and day out for 10 years. He rode thru weather, traffic and street conditions you wouldn’t even walk thru. For your edification, john was capable of riding anything with two wheels, but usually rode a modified mountain bike (w/brakes!), as do many, many working messengers. I’m sure John survived more than a few close calls in his day – however, shame on all of you who suggest that he somehow deserves to die or who want to blame the victim b/c he is a cyclist and a messenger. By all reports, the driver of the car that hit john was drunk and speeding. If john was to blame for his injuries then I guess we should all just stay indoors when we are not racing our SUVs from red light to red light. God blessed John and will continue to. Peace.

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  • Lauren

    I talked to someone at the precinct who said he wasn’t drunk and if he was, I would’ve been contacted immediately. Still trying to find out what’s happening with that though, if there are charges being pressed…

  • why wouldn’t charges be pressed?

    A driver was speeding and now our friend is dead.

    I don’t understand how charges could/would not be pressed.

    can anyone explain please?

  • Lauren

    no, I agree, I just haven’t heard anything about it yet so I’m wondering what’s happening. anyone heard?

  • ryan the girl

    unfortunately, as far as i have seen, charges are never pressed–even when the driver did something illegal–unless the driver is drunk.

    i have been working with the family of andre anderson, the 14 year old hit and killed last september, and that seems to be the messed up truth of nyc. the family has been approaching everyone from the mayor down to “reopen” the investigation, which was closed 5 minutes after the accident, when a friend of the driver gave the witness report!!!!

    right now, u wanna kill someone in nyc and get away scott free–do it with a car because ain’t nobody gonna care!

    look at elizabeth padilla–she was doored and then run over. did the guy who doored her even get a summons, let a lone a ticket for something that is clearly against the law–opening a door into oncoming traffic….NO!

    every single bike death in the last year has the same sad story: no real investigation, no consequesnces for the driver–(except for the killer of Angel Quizpa, who was driving drunk. no nothing from the city, the mayor, the DOT.

    hell, we dont even know where over half the deaths took place last year. most of the deaths are just a nameless statistic because they didnt make the papers. and the NYPD wont tell……..

    this isnt just about john….this is about every bike death. we need answers and we need them now!

  • bo

    also. yesterday evening around 7 pm a young girl (10-11 y/o) was struck by a minivan at the intersection of Scholes and Leonard. I don’t know if she will make it and I didn’t actually see the incident, just the aftermath. However, i have a hard time (toby…disaffected) directing blame at a child (laying on the side of the road, bleeding from the nose and mouth due to internal injuries), when well over two thirds of this cities drivers speed with no regard for anyone outside of their own existance. Furthermore it is a shame that we allow our egos and schedules to affect the lives of others to the point of killing them.

  • “Wild” Bill

    Let me set the record straight for all of you ‘bike advocates’ Jon Neese was not only one of the best damn messengers in the city but he was always a serious rider when he got on that bike. He never fcuked around. He watched where he was going and always respected peds and cars. He was also one of the best friends that I will ever have. Shame on all of you ‘bicycle advocates’ blaming the bikers for their own deaths. Ever seen a car obey the laws in NYC. Most don’t so kiss my ass. As an 8 year vet and 13 years in the messenger business I can tell you one thing. I didn’t survive 8 years on the road by being careless and stupid. I knew and still know what I am doing. Maybe if someone gave a damn then maybe Jon would still be here. Rest in Peace Bronxie….we miss ya!!!

  • blindwolf

    In regards to the individual who asked if John was using brakes, you should be rolled over by a thousand bikes! Seriously, these tin cans with wheels need to be regulated further. Its not a right to drive, its a privilege. Unfortunately, americans are lazy and continue to drive their death boxes with total disregard for the safety of others around them. Maybe, just maybe, we should lobby together and suggest stiffer penalties for people who kill with automobiles. Maybe, drivers will start being more aware of their surrounding instead of their palm pilots, cell phones, food, and liquor when driving. We here in San Francisco have a strong coalition in the city government and are fighting daily to preserve our existnence amongst the metal coffins. We can make life difficult for the automobile slaves by getting out and making things happen, CRITICAL MASS! Sooner or later they will get fed up and will find a way to accomodate us, or they will not get home in time for American Idol. 🙂 I don’t suggest doing this but in the city people are known to pop tires on bike lane blockers, bet it helps discourage them from doing it again…


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