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  • Yeah, I totally did not understand that last article from the City section of th NYT. What was the point? In one part it depicted the dire for ease and convenience that a car represents to newly affluent people, but then in another part shows the natural affinity between the automobile and rampant sociopathy. I was left at the end of the article confused and bewildered by the point of it all. Was this a poorly designed meditation on the duality of man?

    Also, why no mention of traffic in Hell’s Kitchen around 6pm. It’s usually pretty damn awful at that time.

  • AD

    Well, it was an excerpt from a memoir. So I guess you could call it reflections on the car, before and after using one.

  • podsednik

    Re: Gas prices at all-time high

    This story is essentially meaningless without ajdusting past prices for inflation.