Other Cities’ Mayors on Bicycling

London Mayor Ken Livingstone:
ken_livingstone.jpg"Cycling is the fastest, cheapest, most healthy and environmentally friendly way to get around London, which is why we are investing almost £20 million this year to improve cycle facilities in the capital. The number of cyclists on our roads has doubled since 2000 and we’ve already exceeded our cycling targets five years ahead of schedule, on top of achieving a shift from car use to public transport. I will now be looking at setting tougher targets so we can continue to build on this success and encourage many more cyclists in London."

Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley:
clarkanddaley.jpg"As part of our effort to make Chicago the most environmentally friendly big city in the nation, one of our main goals is to promote environmentally friendly lifestyles. Bicycling is a great way to get around Chicago. It’s fun, fast, healthy and good for our environment.

"We want to make Chicago the most bicycle-friendly city in the United States. We have an ambitious, multi-million dollar program to establish 25 miles of new bike lanes and 200 miles of signed routes and to install 2500 bike racks. Major improvements to the Lakefront Trail are underway, with new bike paths to be built at other locations.

"Please help by biking responsibly and sharing the road with others. Contact us if you have suggestions to improve cycling conditions. Let’s work together to make Chicago a better and safer place for biking!"

  • DOT Guy

    This is New York! Wake up! This is not London, Chicago, Paris, Bogota or a multitude of other cities with real transportation leadership.

  • But DOT guy, leadership is so easy and inexpensive. To start, all Mayor Bloomberg has to do is SAY SOMETHING. Why, on this issue, do we not have leadership here in New York, you think?

  • Different DOT guy

    Good question. Could be politics — is our commissioner untouchable?

    Could be the culture – transportation issues are NOT at the forefront of the majority of average NYC’ers minds, for whatever reasons – historical accident? I dunno.

    Could be the entire civil service system – are New Yorkers just used to having uninspired bureaucrats at the upper levels of our city agencies who have no incentives to perform efficiently or innovatively and no disincentive to slack?

  • why doesnt Bloomberg ever say anything?


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