Meet the #BikeNYC All-Stars: Today, @Tellythecairn of Queens

New cyclist and activist CJ Wojtkowski.
New cyclist and activist CJ Wojtkowski.

You know her as @tellythecairn on Twitter and you’ve probably passed her on the Pulaski Bridge — but now it’s time to get to know activist CJ Wojtkowski in a rare “up close and personal” mini-doc from Streetfilms.

Along the way, Wojtkowski offers viewers insights into the good (the Crescent Street protected bike lane), the bad (when trucks park in the Crescent Street bike lane) and the ugly (when homeowners on Crescent Street lie about the bike lane).

This is the first of a series of profiles that Streetsfilms’ auteur Clarence Eckerson Jr. has launched. Each is expected to be a reminder of why new cyclists typically become activist (in ways that car drivers never do).

Collect ’em all here at our new “Meet the Activists” page.


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