Wednesday’s Headlines: DOT Touts the Green Wave Edition

Mayor de Blasio shows off the Green Wave. File photo: Michael Appleton/Mayoral Photography Office
Mayor de Blasio shows off the Green Wave. File photo: Michael Appleton/Mayoral Photography Office

Nice scoop on Tuesday by amNY’s rising star Mark Hallum, previewing this morning’s Department of Transportation press conference in Herald Square — at which city officials will say they’re ahead of schedule on implementing Mayor de Blasio’s Green Wave initiative launched last year in the middle of a particularly bloody period for cyclists.

Despite amNY’s story, lots of questions remain — and Streetsblog will be there. Until then, here’s yesterday’s news:

  • Queens and Brooklyn transit users have been loving the LIRR’s “Atlantic Ticket” — and now they want it expanded. (The City)
  • Politico’s Dana Rubinstein offered tantalizing details about how the federal government may end up destroying congestion pricing — and the MTA’s capital plan with it.
  • Subway performance is better than it’s been in seven years, the MTA says (NYDN). Gothamist reminded us, alas, that Andy Byford is leaving. Damn you, Gothamist!
  • The Taxi and Limousine Commission wants you to report drivers who discriminate against customers. (NYDN)
  • The Parks Department needs to better explain why it wants to ruin winter hockey and summer swimming at the popular Lasker center in Central Park. (amNY, NY Post)
  • The Post is still really upset about the same graffiti-covered trains that it’s been writing about for days.
  • There was another hit and run in Harlem on Tuesday. (amNY‘s Todd Maisel in Weegee mode)


A classic from the vault.

What We Owe Gothamist and DNAinfo

When I started reporting for Streetsblog in 2008, writing about biking as transportation was still an oddity in NYC media, and community boards were making crucial decisions about streets and transit with very little public scrutiny. Reporters with Gothamist and DNAinfo changed that, and I want to take a moment to recognize those contributions.