SEE IT: Bronx Cop Smashes Teen’s Bike

What does destroying private property have to do with 'Courtesy, Professionalism, and Respect'?

Police are now investigating after this cop was caught on camera smashing a teen's bike. Video: 
Police are now investigating after this cop was caught on camera smashing a teen's bike. Video: NYCBIKELIFE QDaBiker.

One of New York’s Finest was caught on video smashing a teen’s bike in the South Bronx on Sunday — yet another instance of police harassment of cyclists, especially young bikers of color, and a clear abuse of trust and authority, according to another biker who was there and posted a video of the vicious attack on social media.

“Yo wtf is this NYPD cop doing to his bike like your job description is to protect and serve that’s it STOP ABUSING YOUR POWER,” the biker, who identified himself as Q the Biker, wrote on his Instagram account, Qdabikerspam. The original video was taken by Instagram user Russbushay.

The 17-year-old whose bike was smashed, who asked to be identified only as Devon, said that he and five friends were riding their bikes in a parking lot near the Bronx Terminal Market at about 3 pm when one of the men in blue told them to beat it because it’s private property.

The teen, who said he was riding his Framed Twenty9er BMX bike that day, was just hanging out outside the parking lot when the cop ran toward the group and started hitting the bike with an instrument resembling a baton, likely in an effort to stop the teens from pedaling off.

Instagrammer Russbushay started recording on his phone before the unidentifiable cop — who Devon said refused to give his name — starts pummeling Devon’s back wheels.

“We’re not doing nothing at all, we’re just sitting here relaxing, not bothering anybody, not riding back and forth no more. What else do you want from us?” he says in the video, which is also posted to YouTube.

All of a sudden, the cop starts whacking the teen’s bike’s spokes with one hand as he holds the other out to keep a kid off camera from stopping him.

“Yo what are you doing? What are you doing?” several people start yelling in the video, as three men in yellow shirts, likely officers from the private parking lot, watch from behind as the cop pummels the bike.

Devon says he plans to sue and is filing a formal complaint against police — repairs to fix his bike cost him $80, he said.

This is not the first time cops have targeted young bikers or have used force to stop them from moving. In April, more than 50 officers swarmed Tompkins Square Park and Union Square in order to harass kids on bikes and kick them out of the public spaces; police confiscated teens’ bikes and wrote tickets for bicycles that lacked bells.

Police Commissioner James O’Neill later acknowledged that he deployed his officers to hand out the tickets solely to stop what police thought would become an unruly bike ride. Bike advocates accused the de Blasio administration of “misplaced priorities and racist policies.”

“Just the latest example of Mayor de Blasio permitting and directing the NYPD to harass to cyclists of color. It’s a nouveau-Broken Windows style of policing under the guise of Vision Zero,” Transportation Alternatives’ Marco Conner said at the time.

In July, a cop pulled his SUV squad car in front of an earbud-wearing Citi Bike rider who had allegedly run two red lights and ignored an order to stop, forcing the man off his bike.

A cop who answered the phone at the 44th Precinct, which patrols the area including the Bronx Terminal Market, declined to answer any questions and referred Streetsblog to the Deputy Commissioner Public Information. Police did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

  • Komanoff

    Thanks for reporting this. Any idea what time Sunday this went down?

  • Joe R.

    As if we needed any more reasons to hate the NYPD. It’s a black cop, so nobody can cry racism here. Just straight up police harassment. NYPD patrol cars need to be repainted with the following logo:


    The acronym DUD perfectly states what most of the cops are as examples of good law enforcement. In fact, while we’re at it let’s just change the name as well. NYGS (New York Goon Squad) sounds more appropriate.

    A cop thinks it’s OK to severely damage a bike. I bet if a motorist gave a cyclist a beat down for giving their car a small scratch the cops would give them a free pass, maybe even a pat on the back in sympathy. Every incident like this further undermines public respect for the police.

  • DoctorMemory

    Up here in Inwood, the local disaffected youth have, in fact, started what appears to be a small (or possibly several even smaller) bicycle gang. They ride around, occasionally pop wheelies, show off for each other and generally act like somewhat foolish and silly teenagers (which is to say: teenagers) have acted since time immemorial. (Full disclosure: I have not tested any of them for drugs. They probably do as many as I do.)

    I want to be clear about this: they’re awesome. Zero people have been hurt by them, the only noise they make is human voices and the occasional tiny bluetooth speaker. If you give them a thumbs up as they pass you’ll usually get one back. I would happily trade every last car driver in our neighborhood for more of them, especially the evo/wrx jackasses who slow-roll over speed bumps while redlining their engines in neutral at 1am.

    Hassling kids for riding bikes in a parking lot is possibly the single least useful thing the nypd could be doing with their time, and that’s saying a lot.

  • john

    These punks think they own the streets,the police have a hard day,these kids stopped,yes but how long did it take for them to stop this cop was pissed and i can bet it was because these bike kids are trouble.

  • WodOffPooH

    Wait it’s not racism. Black cop wouldn’t have done that to some white kids. Ever.

  • Isaac B

    Let me guess: The police officer was justified in using force against the bicycle because it had “resisted arrest” (TM).

  • Isaac B

    This doesn’t sound all that “disaffected” to me.

  • Joe R.

    OK, but he was doing it because he thought he could get away with it, not because of racism. A white cop may well have been doing it only because the kids were black/brown.

  • Car Crusher Operator


  • Car Crusher Operator


  • relevantjeff

    He probably already has.

  • WodOffPooH

    Cops of all colors know for a fact it is easier to bully and assault black boys. Because no one will care.

  • And black cops have to make sure that their white colleagues see them bullying and even brutalising black people, or else they will find themselves without backup in dangerous situations.

  • Vooch

    1) Perhaps the children should instead start playing stickball in the street. Stickball was a normal activity in the NYC until the late 1970s. City Streets are for people, not hulking death machines

    2) It boggles the mind that the public realm is now fully occupied by black costumed paramilitaries who routinely brutalize innocent citizens. If any American believes we are living in a free society based on equality under law, I have a bridge to sell you.

  • PotbellyJoe★★★★★

    Sally, Grandpa’s on the internet again. Can you come get him? Thanks.

  • Andrew

    When I have a bad day, I don’t respond by destroying somebody else’s property.

  • DoctorMemory

    And per “john’s” comment above, apparently our city is also full of people who think that cops assaulting kids is necessary and laudable. 🙁

  • djx


    Also, DoctorMemory for mayor.

  • NYC1

    These kids on these bikes are ridiculous white or black. Full speed through playgrounds and areas with strollers and toddlers that are off limits to bikes for a reason. Half of them can’t even control the bikes. The cop did the right thing.

  • AJ

    bet you wouldn’t like it if a cop took a baton to your car window for taking too long to stop

  • NYC1

    A video the biker posted on Instagram. Literally driving into people to scare them. He has dozens of these videos. Not a nice person.

  • Daphna

    That is awful. OMG. For an officer to do intentionally wreck a child’s bicycle with such deliberation and malice, and to keep at it, and to repeatedly make attempts at further destruction, and to not care about a whole crowd of children and adults watching. He is easily identified by the NYPD. That is illegal behavior. I hope that video goes viral.

    But the NYPD will keep it secret and only bring internal charges if there is great pressure. And then even with the mild internal charges that they might bring, the NYPD resolves all such cases with the forfeit of a vacation day or two. Meanwhile, if that man were not an officer, he could have been arrested for his behavior.

  • Justinain World

    That cop is crazy.. but also, why put yourself in a position to even be approached by the police. You act like cops go out of their way to mess with blacks.. so not the case.

  • Vooch

    and the NYPD leadership wonders why decent middle class citizens ostracize their beat officers ?

  • AMH

    Put yourself in a position? What’s that even supposed to mean? This city is crawling with cops; you put yourself in a position to be harassed just by leaving your house.

  • AMH

    I am so sick of the NYPD. Every time I visit anyplace else I’m amazed how it’s not crawling with cops, police cars will stop when you’re crossing the street, and it generally just doesn’t feel like you’re living under occupation. It’s time to start over.

  • MotoBX

    One day people here will realize, it is possible for two people in conflict to both be wrong. It is also possible to recognize the lesser of two evils.

    There are assholes in every facet of life, it’s part of what you sign up for when you’re a part of society.

  • Seymour Butz

    sure thing officer nyc1

  • Alien Vibes

    1st let me start by Saying thank God for cameras 2nd I would like to state the obvious this cop went over board 3rd is for my parents you have to ask yourself this if there was no camera what would have happened… Anything minoritie people do you guys make it a big deal but I here no one talking about how to better theses kids

  • Joe R.

    It’s because the cops take the term “beat officer” literally, meaning they beat everything in sight.

  • Isaac B

    There are established rules and processes for dealing with inappropriate behavior. They do not include clubbing people or their property.

  • Elizabeth F

    However NYPD wronged delivery workers, they never (as far as we know) actively destroyed their bikes. Confiscate, yes; destroy, not. Apparently this cop thinks he can get away with such egregious behavior with a kid.

  • AJ

    This video reminded me of this 2016 video of an Israeli Border police officer who threw a girl’s bike in the bushes because she rode on the paved side of the road:

  • DoctorMemory

    If elected I promise to ban cars and then immediately take a 4 year vacation, on the theory that I will have made the city immeasurably better and will only fuck things up if I stick around to tinker.

  • William Lawson

    Cops complain that they’re disrespected by the public but do they have any idea why that is and how their own behavior contributes? The fact that they don’t understand why we hate them is the root of the problem.

  • Joe R.

    We have nearly 3 times the number of police per capita as other large cities. Our crime rate is lower per capita than most other cities. Whether that’s attributable to a large police presence is doubtful. However, the combination of low crime and too many cops is a recipe for disaster. A lot of cops really have nothing to do. We put them on shit duty like bike dragnets. That’s not real police work. It’s not what they signed up for. They probably hate it as much as the cyclists do. End result is they take it out on the people they’re policing, like this jerk did.

    First order of business should be to cut the NYPD by 2/3rds. The remaining cops will have plenty to keep them busy. While I wouldn’t wish for another major terrorist attack, that’s another thing which would rectify the situation. The cops were starting to be a nuisance in the late 1990s, ticketing for all sorts of BS nonsense offenses. When 9/11 happened, that ended, for a few years at least. However, the real long-term answer is to just fire 2/3rds of the cops.

  • Joe R.

    They do if you’re a member of the NYPD. Sticking a baton up someone’s ass is just SOP for the NYPD. I guess destroying a bike wheel is now also.

  • OnlyWonderBread

    The Bronx is mostly black and Hispanic (although I have to wonder…are white people “clear” in color?). The South Bronx has a basically non-existent white population. The officer who did this isn’t white or Asian. We don’t know what happened prior to this video. Some of these kids on these bikes do not follow the laws and ride recklessly.

    Of course one would have to venture into the big bad Bronx and see for themselves.

  • OnlyWonderBread

    Awwwww…….poor baby. Seek some psych help….!

  • OnlyWonderBread

    Most US cities do not have our population. There is no city in this country with a population like ours and one that is so densely living together.

  • OnlyWonderBread

    They’ve even ridden on the Cross Bronx.

  • neroden

    Google “per capita”. There are too many cops in NYC.

  • Laminectomies abound

    Those were clearly jerks as you hear kid state, we not doing nuttin now so we ain’t moving, HOWEVER what a moron that Cop is. Oh he’s in big trouble. That’s a Crime as there was no need for that as he wasn’t trying to stop rider from say riding fass and crashing into kids in strollers which I’m sure started this incident.
    So recap : Cop moron in trouble
    Teens no doubt real jerks but for teens I’m sure they are choir boys says their mammas. Not dads as ain’t got none. Stereotypes exist cause they like 95% true yo

  • Laminectomies abound

    Yeah ok teens riding fass crashing into babies in strollers in area they Can’t be… However Cop is in trouble. One of 32,000 and that justifies public doing what again?

  • Justinain World

    defending the good for nothing kids once again… now we know what your priorities are.


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