Thursday’s Headlines: An Editor’s Swelling Head Edition

Drunk on power. Photo: Ben Kuntzman
Drunk on power. Photo: Ben Kuntzman

Oh, boy, now we’re never going to hear the end of this. Fresh across the transom yesterday, our increasingly feebled old editor Gersh Kuntzman found out he was named to the City & State “Brooklyn Power 100” list. No reason was cited — perhaps it’s obvious? — but City & State said inclusion on the list meant our editor is one of the borough’s “most influential people in government, business, real estate, art and culture, education and nonprofits.”

In a statement to Streetsblog, Kuntzman said he was “proud, honored, humbled and looking forward to a night of drinking with my 99 equally powerful new best friends.”

Until then, here’s the news from a busy Wednesday:

  • Jacob

    Re: Waze. Laws aren’t the solution, design is. The Dutch have been doing this for decades, making it even better for cycling and walkign..

  • AstoriaBlowin

    Seriously, make more one block dead end streets, throw up some bollards to filter for bikes and pedestrians, etc. Make less through routes.

  • JL

    The injured UWS man succumbed to his injures. Another life is cut short.

    Every doorman I know are keenly aware of the traffic patterns around their turf and cross with their head on a swivel. This delayed running of the red light by the driver proved to be fatal. I hope the jail sentence is lengthy.

  • AMH

    Big news: “They will also expand a pilot program known as the “green wave” that adjusts the timing of green light signals so that all traffic — including cyclists — going about 15 miles per hour can pass one green light after another in a corridor. It reduces the temptation of running a red light and also slows down traffic.”

  • Bensage

    Gersh, Congratulations. However, being included in the
    “Brooklyn Power 100” does not mean that you are equal to the other 99. As George Orwell wrote, “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”


Monday’s Headlines: Jumaane Williams Never Fooled Us Edition

The man who wants to be your next Public Advocate is also a man who is statistically more likely than most drivers to kill your son or daughter. Yes, the Daily News reported Sunday that Council Member Jumaane Williams received 18 school zone camera violations between March, 2016 and July, 2018. That's worse than street safety pariah Marty Golden, who even meekly apologized for the 14 tickets his car has gotten. (Williams declined to apologize in Jillian Jorgensen's News story.) Plus the rest of today's news...