Today’s Headlines

  • State Senate Chucks Life-Saving Speed Cams Into End-of-Session Bill Larded With Poison Pills (News)
  • Shoup’s Prescription for Getting a Price on NYC’s Free Parking: Distribute Revenue Fairly (NYT)
  • MTA Will Stop Blaming Passenger Crowding as the Default Reason for Subway Delays (News)
  • Drunk Driver Kills David Bloomer, 32, Crossing Tompkins Ave in Stapleton (News)
  • Stay Tuned as Van Bramer Formulates Position on the Bike Infrastructure He Asked For (Sunnyside Post)
  • Ex-MTA Construction Chief Breezes Through the Revolving Door to Contractor Tutor Perini (Post)
  • More Coverage of DOT’s New Mobility Report (News, Post, CBS2)
  • Which Gets a Federal Loan First: Gateway Tunnel or Hudson Yards Towers Built on Top of It? (Politico)
  • A 712-Car Garage Rises in DUMBO, Right Next to the F Train (Bridge)
  • Pick-Up Driver Rear-Ends MTA Bus and Injures 13 Passengers (News)
  • Unlicensed Driver Seriously Injures Man in Chelsea. Post: LOL Check Out This Wordplay!

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  • dave “paco” abraham

    That dumbo project would have been the perfect thing to twist a developer’s arm and get them to pay for a 2nd exit/ entrance to the York st station.

  • ItsEasyBeingGreen

    It sounds like the jutting Manhattan Bridge bike path fence posts may have taken a life:

    Good design matters.

  • JarekFA

    Bingo. “Oh, you want to build 4 more floors – then [nix the giant parking lot/build a park/add another entrance to the overcrowded York St station”

  • JarekFA

    MTA Will Stop Blaming Passenger Crowding as the Default Reason for Subway Delays (News)

    It’s amazing that, what was it, just like 18 months ago — Lhota was blaming over crowding “well, it looks like we’re a victim of our own success here” and at the time, Ben Kabak and others were calling bullshit. My how the worm turns. Credit to Byford for setting it straight. He’s the real deal. We’re honestly lucky to have him . . . which of course makes me worry . . . Our public infrastructure shouldn’t require One. Real. Good. Public. Servant. to make things rights . . . especially as it can so easily be undone.

  • kevd

    I think adding an entrance to the southern end of the platform (Jay and High or Jay and Nassau) is even more important.
    Of course, a massive development is being completed there, too.

  • redbike

    Citibike “Good News” Story

    Early in May, I rode a Citibike with a basket instead of the conventional rack. I had no time to snap pix and no idea how rare these test bikes are. I did receive a brief query about the basket from Citibike which reassured me I wasn’t dreaming.

    Today — random luck — I saw another one and had time for pix.

    I don’t think there’s a one-size-fits-all, but for those of us who’d like more capacity than Citibike’s current rack offers (e.g.: schlepping a melon or other bulky stuff) this seems to be an interesting alternative.

    I haven’t a clue when or if these baskets will be widely deployed.

  • qrt145

    They forgot one side.

  • AMH

    That looks more useful–whenever I try to carry groceries on a Citibike I’m stuck dangling the bags from the handlebars and/or my shoulders.

  • AMH

    An architect proposed exactly this a few years ago. It’s gone nowhere, of course.

  • AMH

    I was surprised to read that Amtrak is still trying to preserve the Gateway ROW through Hudson Yards. I thought that had been done years ago, but apparently several segments remain. Absolutely incredible that something this critical not only hasn’t been built, but is this uncertain. Very interesting details here:

  • William Lawson

    That looks terrible to me. I hope they don’t adopt it. I’ve gotten used to carrying a full Whole Foods bag jammed into the current basket – if you pack it just right, you don’t even need to use the straps. And if the bag isn’t full, the straps keep it in place. With this new – what is it, a tray? – I just can’t imagine keeping a large paper grocery bag upright and secure.

  • Ian Turner

    It’s intentional. People throw their trash in these baskets so they need a way for it to tall out. I’ve even had people put their trash in my bike lock bag.

  • redbike

    I don’t think there’s a one-size-fits-all. There are at least three distinctly different Citibike models in use. Some folks find the current cargo rack adequate; other don’t. It’s good to see Citibike explore alternatives. This tray with which Citibike is experimenting accommodates bulkier stuff. There’s no reason for any single alternative to be deployed to the exclusion of others.

  • redbike

    Nobody’s perfect.

  • qrt145

    I know and I still think it’s stupid. The cure is worse than the disease: to avoid the minor annoyance of having trash in the basket 5% of the time, let’s have a “basket” that’s nearly useless 100% of the time!

  • AMH

    Regarding DOT’s mobility report, I just have to leave this here:

    “You know it’s bad when you’re sitting in traffic and little old ladies on the sidewalk are going faster than you .?.?. And you know it’s really bad when they’re using their walkers and they’re moving faster than you.”