Today’s Headlines

  • Cuomo Working Behind the Scenes for Congestion Pricing, According to Team Cuomo (NYT)
  • Daily News: Even in Queens, Opposition to Congestion Pricing Is Weak — Get It Done
  • Congestion Pricing Would Change How Errol Louis Commutes and He Wants Albany to Pass It (News)
  • NYT and AMNY Urge Albany to Legislate Congestion Toll Tech, If Not the Actual Tolls
  • MTA Falsified Reports on Subway Delays, Assigning Causes Where They Weren’t Known (News)
  • Corey Johnson Rips Cuomo’s “Fly By Night” Value Capture Proposal (News)
  • Crain’s to Cuomo: Forget About Expropriating City Tax Revenue and Focus on Congestion Pricing
  • Lorenzo Anderson, Victim of August Hit-and-Run, Has Died From His Injuries (News)
  • Scott Rechler: Toss Out Current MTA Contracting Practices and Start From Scratch (Crain’s)
  • Mercer-Backed Front Group Tries to Convert Frustration Over MTA Into Anti-Union Aggression (WNYC)
  • Financials for Tappan Zee Replacement May Not Be as Rosy as Cuomo Claims (LoHud)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    So the people producing those anti-union deals area affiliated with Trump. But I’ll bet some of Trump’s buildings benefitted from the past underfunding of those union pension funds, which is the main source of soaring MTA construction costs because the MTA is being make to pay for all of them.

    And I’ll bet those construction workers who retired to Florida with richer pensions than they had been promised or that younger and future construction workers have received all voted for Trump.

    Everything is an attempt at distraction from Generation Greed.

  • bolwerk

    Need moar pro-CP propaganda pointing out how great it is for drivers. It really is.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Better for ex-drivers. Another reason to take a subway and PATH to Jersey City to rent. Assuming the subway and PATH still work (big assumption).