Today’s Headlines

  • Cuomo: Still Playing Games With the MTA (2ASPoliticoNYT; News 12)
  • Trains Delayed Again This Morning; More on Yesterday’s MessNBCABC, Post
  • Curbed Is Maintaining a Running List of Subway Meltdowns
  • Experts Propose Extended Subway Shutdowns — Intentional Ones — to Expedite Repairs (AMNY)
  • Post Has Subway Plan; News Applauds LIRR Discounts, Eric Adams Not Impressed (DNA)
  • WSJ Piece Advises Transit Commuters on Keeping Their Sanity; The New Yorker Is Down
  • Assembly Passes BQE Bill; No Movement Reported on Speed Cameras (Politico)
  • DDC Commissioner Feniosky Peña-Mora Resigns (News)
  • Paul Massey’s G Train Solution to the L Train Shutdown Would Mess With the F (News)
  • MTA to Extend M1 Route (DNA); Countdown Clocks Coming to East Side (AMNY)
  • Unoccupied MTA Bus Rolls Down Bushwick Street, Hits Cars, Sidewalk Fence; 1 Injured (ABC, Post)
  • What If NYPD Treated All Crash Victims’ Families Like Human Beings? (NYT)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    The Post link isn’t working, but that’s just as well. Because yhe NY Post plan for the MTA is the one that has already been implemented.

    Cut state and city taxes — temporarily, in the past. Freeze gas taxes and tolls — temporarily in the past. Reduce fares — temporarily in the past.

    Borrow money.

  • AMH

    That proposal to take the G into Manhattan is pretty crazy–reverse moves on the QBL during rush hour? Do they have any idea how long each move would foul up the tracks?
    People are WAY better off transferring at Court Square. Long-term though, a new tunnel into Manhattan should be on the table.

  • AMH

    “A former transit official noted that it was a worker who came up with the key solution for how to fix flooded tunnels after Hurricane Sandy.”

    Don’t just leave us hanging–what was the key solution?