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Shorter crossing distances and slower driver turns at Vernon and Marcy avenues in Bed Stuy? Sneckdowns to the rescue! Photo: @pekochel
Shorter crossing distances and slower driver turns at Vernon and Marcy avenues in Bed Stuy? Sneckdowns to the rescue! Photo: @pekochel

Stella didn’t dump as much snow on NYC as predicted, but there was enough to make for some fine sneckdowns.

If you’re just joining us, sneckdowns are neckdowns formed by driving patterns in snow. They’re great for highlighting unused asphalt — street space that, if reclaimed for people, would calm traffic and make walking safer.

As yesterday’s snow melts away, it’s a busy time for sneckdown spotters in NYC. Let’s have a look.

Molly Tran filmed a Harlem sneckdown in all its traffic-calming glory:

On the Upper East Side, meanwhile, it looks like there’s plenty of room to add space for people on Third Avenue:

Ditto Austin Street and 63rd Drive in Rego Park:

Finally, here’s Doug Gordon with a Park Slope sneckdown trifecta:

Got a Stella sneckdown to share? Use the #sneckdown hashtag on Twitter. We’ll be watching out for material for another round-up.


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