Today’s Headlines

  • TA, Victims and Families Rally for Traffic Justice: Gothamist, Voice, CBS, NY1
  • City Traffic Deaths Down; Paul Browne Touts Cell-Phone Stops, Vehicle Seizures (TransNat)
  • Lawless NYPD Putting Pedestrians in Harm’s Way? Just Another Day on Jay Street (News)
  • Bu$ted! Port Authority Cops to Nefarious Tolls-for-Maintenance Scheme (Post, NY1)
  • Air Quality Lead Concern of Upper East Siders at Second Ave Subway Forum (NY1)
  • Traditionally Savvy Gotham Gazette Buys Into City Council’s Power-Mad DOT Narrative
  • It’s Past Time for Vacca’s Pet Peeve Committee to Get a Handle on Loading Zones (Bklyn Paper)
  • Roosevelt Island Tram Sees Ridership Boost in Year Following Renovation (DNA)
  • Massive Rebuild Project at St. George Ferry Parking Lot Targeted for 2013 Wrap (NY1)
  • No Charges for Speeding Driver Who Demolished Section of Snug Harbor Brick Wall (NY1)
  • What If Car Crash Casework Got as Much NYPD Brain Power as Car Thefts? (News)

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  • Brick

    This unfortunate article made its way to me today –

    Protect your kids at the expense of everyone else on the road. Seems rather than educating their children on the dangers of operating a motor vehicle, parents would rather shut them in two tons of steel and call it a day.

  • Anonymous

    @a1e53e7e1509997ae424040dd442325d:disqus I agree with your concern, but surprisingly (to me) what the article claims is that teens actually crash less when driving SUVs, not that they are injured less when they do crash (which may be true as well, and of course they may injure other people more when they do crash). They say its because of stability control technology in newer SUVs. I would have thought it was because other people on the road are likely to give a wide berth to SUVs, possibly because of a negative perception of SUV drivers in general…

  • Eric McClure

    Check the tire in the Snug Harbor crash video — made for speed and crisp handling.  I hope the Cultural Center is suing for damages.

  • fj

    climate change is rapidly becoming monopolizing the global conversation as changing everything & and it’s absolutely absurd that advocacy for netzeroMobility is not a part of this