Today’s Headlines

  • Reactions to Cuomo’s $100M RaidPostWSJTranspo NationBen Kabak
  • Official East River Ferry Plans: $9M in Subsidies, Free Shuttle Bus, No Overnight Service (NYT)
  • Aging Cars Force Metro-North to Cut Service on New Haven Line (NYT)
  • City Waited Five Days After Xmas Blizzard to Ticket Homeowners for Slippery Sidewalks (News)
  • Freshman Staten Island Rep Michael Grimm Fights for Light Rail Over Bayonne Bridge (SI Advance)
  • Michael DenDekker: Cities Should Pay Motorists If They Write Incorrect Parking Ticket (News)
  • MTA Hopes Techies, Merchants Develop Apps and Countdown Signs for B63 Info (Transpo Nation)
  • Fashion Week Brings Pedestrian Month Near Lincoln Center (DNAinfo)
  • Walder Wins High Marks for Speeding Buses, Gets a “B” Overall From Transit Experts (AMNY)
  • Radiolab Profiles Healing Process of Emilie Gossiaux, Biker Blinded by Truck Driver

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  • Larry Littlefield

    The more I think about it, the more I suspect the PPW bike lane was blocked intentionally. If the city won’t do it, I’m going to show up late Sunday afternoon and try to clear part of it myself.

    Moreover, I had more flats than ever before over the summer once I started using the bike lane, with the bike mechanic pulling out glass and tacks. He said there is always more stuff in the street in the summer, but I wonder.

  • Moocow

    Larry, I felt like I was riding through more glass than before on my commute to Astoria from the Slope last fall. I take Kent, and the blatant disregard for human life by supposedly god fearing, pious people, has forced me to profile certain drivers (in certain neighborhoods). I don’t like being that guy, but I have already spent 3 weeks in the hospital within the last year.

  • dporpentine

    Today on my way to work I had to walk through the part of Williamsburg where the bike lanes were removed. Such a jam of trucks and buses and cars and vans and everybody honking and nudging their bumpers within inches of each other–just one long horror show. It reminded me of the crazy claim that the bike lanes had to be eliminated for The Sake of the Children. If you’re willing to pretend that bikes were the problem on that street, you’re willing to say anything, absolutely anything.

    Days like this, I really feel like the PPW lane is doomed.

  • This follow-up report on the Laurence Renard killing suggests that police charged the driver of the truck that killed her with unlicensed driving only, and then released him. Is that really all that NYPD believes he did wrong? What about Elle’s Law and Diego and Hayley’s law, both passed within the last year specifically to address drivers who negligently strike and kill or seriously injure pedestrians?

    Is this a situation where NYPD thinks it’s Cy Vance’s job to decide if those laws apply, while Cy Vance claims his hands are tied because police didn’t apply them?

    Folks who can should attend the Town Hall meeting with Cy Vance tomorrow evening in East Harlem, and the Upper East Side Precinct Community Council meeting on Monday.

  • Andrew

    How many recently discontinued bus routes could the city revive with $9M in subsidies?