Today’s Headlines

  • Ravitch Budget Plan Gains Traction Among Desperate Lawmakers (NYT)
  • Groundbreaking for Ratner’s Arena Is Today (Crain’s, NY1, News 1, 2)
  • Dear Mr. President: Funding for New Transit Projects Welcome, But Don’t Forget the Old Ones (MTR)
  • Walder Shuffles MTA Board Committees (SAS, AMNY)
  • Tram-Less Roosevelt Island Commuters Pack the F Train (NY1)
  • Frances Jasmin Charged With Leaving Scene in Phelan Hit-and-Run (News, Post, NYT, NY1)
  • Brooklyn CB 1 Rejects Domino Plant Development (Bklyn Paper)
  • DOT Working on Shabbos Setting for Muni-Meters in Boro Park (YWN)
  • Michael Daly: Scrupulous Courier Targeted by Unscrupulous TEAs
  • Port Authority Will Phase Out Older Trucks to Reduce Pollution (NRDC, City Room, WNYC)

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  • Regarding the Shabbos parking issue:

    “…resulting in tickets they can’t prevent.”

    Amazing! Is somebody holding these people at gun-point, forcing them to purchase an automobile, live a car-based lifestyle, and store it in the public right-of-way? I haven’t had a parking ticket ever in my entire life, and I must say, I haven’t had to put any effort whatsoever into preventing it! Except for that weird situation at a German train station, when I locked my bike up to a luggage cart rack thing, and they actually double-locked my bike and put a ticket under my brake cable. Luckily I got out of that one with the “I don’t speak German” defense… But other than that, no parking tickets.

  • I had the same initial reaction. But just remember, the cornerstone of of this city is free parking on Sunday, so it’s not liked accommodation of religious beliefs is without precedent.

  • Tram-less Rossevelt Islanders:

    “Those needing to get on and off Roosevelt Island need to take the F train or the bus.”

    Aren’t we forgetting something?

  • Mike

    Re the Shabbos meters: What the article doesn’t mention is that these are 1-hour parking meters. That is, it is illegal to park in those metered spots for more than 1 hour, period. Feeding the meter is illegal, period. So they want DOT to accommodate their illegal behavior so they can block the metered spot and impair access to local businesses?

  • Mike
  • Larry Littlefield

    So how long after the legislature doubles down the Ratitch plan debts until the MTA is told to halt its capital plan because the state is too much in debt? This is nothing more than another attack by those who are cashing in and moving out.

  • BicyclesOnly:


  • lee

    maybe over the roosevelt island bridge and then back over the queensboro, if you need to get to manhattan