Streetfilms: Veronica Moss Goes to Times Square

She’s back! Veronica Moss, D.C. lobbyist for the Automobile User Trade Organization (A.U.T.O.), recently returned to New York to get her first look at the new, pedestrian-friendly Times Square. Her views may rankle some in the livable streets camp, but we think it’s important to note that some influential people out there just abhor walking, socializing, and the freedom to safely enjoy public spaces.

  • Jeffrey J. Early

    Oh, c’mon. It’s totally tongue-in-cheeck and totally hilarious.

  • Alex


  • Thanks, I needed that.

  • Admittedly, Veronica Moss is absolutely amazing though, Sarah Palin does better: “I always remind people from outside our state that there is plenty of room for all Alaska’s animals — right next to the mashed potatoes,” as headlined in today’s Washington Post.

    Perhaps, something sweetly sung to the tune of “Springtime with Hitler In Germany” would put the piece completely over the edge.

  • Why are the “bad girls” always so damned hot! 😉


  • The Dynamic Mumeshantz

    I can’t believe this person exists!!! Doesn’t she have friends who are pedestrians? (Okay just kidding…I couldn’t resist since the first video there were a few people who somehow thought she was real, but of course that also speaks volumes right there!)

  • eLK

    At least she didn’t say “cars are people too.”

    You may want to let her know that there’s a job available at TA.

  • momos


    Keep ’em coming!

  • Giffen

    She’s so REAL!

  • Larry Littlefield

    Here’s her equivalent. Were the man still alive, he might have gained a larger following in Albany.

  • Thanks for the link, Larry. I couldn’t help laughing–and being reminded how many light-years away bicyclists are from anything approaching a position of respect in popular culture. It nice to be writing our own counter-narratives for a change through Miss Moss, but we sure have a long way to go.

  • Great satire. Must be seen to be believed.

    Shout out to Kate McKinnon for her great comic timing and characterization. I hope she’ll go far.

  • rhubarbpie

    Funny stuff.


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