Today’s Headlines

  • Can Detroit Switch From Carmaking to ‘Transportmaking’? (NYT)
  • Stanley Crouch: Obama Should Rebuild Rail System (News)
  • MTA May Cut the Number of Subway Station Agents (News, NY1)
  • Bloomberg Undeterred After Court Deals Setback to Hybrid Cab Initiative (NY1, News)
  • Silver Flirts With Commuter Tax Again (Post)
  • Exurbs Require Twice as Much Subsidy as Walkable, Transit-Oriented Development (Worldchanging)
  • Teens Use Car as Weapon, Critically Injure 19-Year-Old in Bayside (News)
  • Drunk Driver Crashes Into Livery Cab in Astoria, Killing Two (NYT, Post, News)
  • Post Shames Public Figures for Abusing Parking Placard and License Plate Privileges
  • NPR Profiles Worksman Cycles of Queens, America’s Oldest Bike-Maker
  • I’m pretty sure it was Crouch I saw crossing Sixth Avenue in Soho one morning in 2003. He seems like he’d be a good ally in the livable streets battle as well as long-distance trains.

  • da

    What happened last week at the Brooklyn CB1 hearing on the Kent Ave. bike lane? Never saw any Sblog follow-up…

  • rlb

    The nytimes op-ed has it right. Say what you will about the head-up-the-ass moves and decisions they have made for the past x number of years. There is no faster/easier way to get People of the United States building the infrastructure of tomorrow than by transforming the auto industry. There is no reason for this workforce of hundreds of thousands to be one-dimensional. If the bailout happens, the retooling needs to be directed towards public transportation.

  • I have mixed feelings on the commuter tax. On the one hand, yeah, the money would be great. On the other hand, a commuter tax rather than bridge tolling/congestion pricing as a way to generate revenue doesn’t do anything to encourage people to use transit. It’s not really COMMUTING that the city should be trying to discourage.

    (Yes, telecommuting is good on an individual basis, but large-scale, it’s bad for the city. People who telecommute don’t buy coffee and a paper in the morning, or lunch at the deli in the afternoon, or a beer during happy hour.)

  • I saw the Bayside vehicular-assault story on one of the local late-news broadcasts on Saturday night. Despite their reporting that it was intentional, they referred to it three times as an “accident.”

    My wife asked me why I was yelling at the TV.