Today’s Headlines

  • Dinowitz to Host Congestion Pricing Forum Tonight (West Bronx Blog)
  • European Air Pollution More Dangerous Than Car Crashes (Reuters)
  • Bike Parking, Trees to Be Required in Parking Lots (Queens Gazette)
  • Lopate: Could Paris Bike-Sharing Work Here? (WNYC)
  • Ninth Ave Cycle Track Not the Same as Failed 1980 Broadway Lanes (TSTC)
  • Bike Delivery Law a ‘Safe Issue‘ for Lappin (Sun)
  • Monserrate Bill Would Regulate Stadium Parking Fees (Sun)
  • Quinn Ponders Term Limits a.k.a. Loss of Parking Privileges (Daily Politics, Post)
  • Avella Says Real Estate Industry Rules Council (Politicker)
  • Suffolk County Exec Holds Up Transpo Funds (TSTC)
  • Public, Press More Fed Up With Albany Than Usual (ReformNY)
  • Woman Killed by Motorcycle in Harlem (Post)
  • Man in Wheelchair Hit by Two Cars; No Charges Filed (AMNY)
  • brent

    Man in wheelchair hit by two cars- “That driver, Ramone Rubio, 44, headed to his Bronx home, thinking he had hit an empty shopping cart, police said. When he realized his license plate was missing he returned to the scene to retrieve it and, seeing police, explained what happened.” I smell a police and media cover up here. I think this is what really happened: He hit someone and fled scene. Later he realized he had left evidence behind. He returned almost too late as his license plate had been retrieved by authorities. Fortunately, he was just in time to reluctantly confess and receive commendation from police.

  • Steve

    Bike Parking: glad to see some movement on this front, but maybe someone who knows somethign about developemtn can comment on the amount of actual bike parking this is likely to create given all the conditions and loopholes. It seems to me that it will create almost zero bike parking in Manahattan, except possibly with respect to “vacant lot” style parking lots that are sometimes developed and operated for a few years while a developer is waiting for adjacent buldings to empty preparatory to putting up a large new building. I wonder if developers of such lots will throw up a cheap fiberglass enclosure to evade the tree planting and bike parking requirements.