Today’s Headlines

  • Drum Major ED Is Quinn’s Third Pricing Panel Pick (Sun)
  • Environmental Defense Director Tapped (Spin Cycle via Daily Politics)
  • Congestion Charge Works Like Nothing Else (WaPo via Carfree USA)
  • ‘Suburbanization of New York’ Editors Take Questions (City Room)
  • Blind Could Get Disabled Parking Privileges (Sun)
  • Spitzer Asks FEMA for Disaster Relief (NYT)
  • Killer Storms Cause Flooding From South Dakota to Texas (NYT)
  • Heat Drives Houston Pedestrians Underground (NYT)
  • Times Up! Recycling Discarded NYU Bikes (NYT)
  • Council Members Want Action on F Express (Wonkster)
  • MTA Bloggers Making an Impact (Metro)
  • Blog Launches "People’s 311" Street Photo Project (Stay Free! Daily)
  • Speaking of Houston, check out this recent story:

    “As a frequent addition to the list of America’s most polluted cities, Houston is no stranger to having more than just oxygen and carbon dioxide in the air. But a new study found a few surprising results in the air Houstonians breathe day in, day out: mercury and formaldehyde. This is the first time mercury has been measured in Houston’s air, and scientists are still trying to figure out what it’s coming from.”