Today’s Headlines

  • Business Group Critical of Congestion Pricing (AMNY)
  • CB6 Cleared to Make Way for Gowanus Rezoning (Daily Intel)
  • Nassau and Suffolk Lead in Auto Fatalities (Newsday)
  • Two Children Hit by Two Police Cars (Post)
  • Unlicensed Teen Hit Cyclist with Rented Car (Gothamist)
  • Bike Lane Liberation Ride Tonight (BikeBlog)
  • ‘Expensive’ Gas May Not Deter Holiday Travel (Newsday)
  • Not All Vacations Require Cars (National Geographic via Carfree USA)
  • Emissions Drop Slightly from All-Time Peak (NYT)
  • ‘Smart Cards’ Tested on City Buses (AMNY)
  • AD

    Nassau and Suffolk are getting a “road audit.”

    “In these audits, an independent team of highway safety experts evaluates a roadway and recommends changes such as modifying pavement markings and redesigning acceleration lanes.”

    What a joke. In the place that has the busiest passenger railroad in the nation, they’re modifying pavement markings and making it easier to accelerate instead of determining how to take people off the road.

    They need is a “transportation audit,” not a “road audit.”

  • ddartley

    Re: ‘Smart Cards’-
    another ddartley repeat:

    Police shields MUST contain a smart card that gets them into ANY MTA location, any time, any number of times. (same for Fire, EMT, etc.) Primarily for emergency purposes, but also as a well-deserved job perk–one that’s environmentally far superior to corrupt parking privilege.

    The AMNY article says there are still difficulties in making smart cards smart enough to count times used, etc. like a metrocard can, but those things don’t need to be figured out before police shields are equipped with such a crude “get in any time” smart card.

  • re: business groups critical of congestion pricing

    if the city actually enforced traffic violations, the cost to most drivers would be MUCH higher than $8/day. a moving violation ticket plus the increase in insurance rates plus the points on their license; come to think of it, if we really had good enforcement, half the drivers out there would have their licenses taken away. which, i suppose, would reduce congestion…

  • Niccolo Machiavelli

    Re Nassau and Suffolk highway safety piece. This in the counties with the highest paid cops in the country. Maybe you should work up a statistic like deaths per dollar of police salary.