Today’s Headlines

  • NYDN: “A bicylcist [sic] swerving into traffic on Roosevelt Ave. in Queens was struck and killed by a car yesterday, police said.”

    Firstly, this is logically impossible, as bicyclists are constantly reminded that they ARE traffic. Secondly, can this poor dead guy get an “allegedly,” or is that just for bad drivers and other criminals?

  • mork

    Jeff Rossen of ABC needs a course in copspeak.

    The “Illegal Parking” article says:

    According to a recent survey, 77 percent of people with placards use them illegally. So, I asked the NYPD what they are doing to stop this. They told me, we discipline ourselves.

    Rossen interprets this to mean that “a cop . . . will be punished at work” for placard abuse. But actually “we discipline ourselves” means that there will be no consequences for cops parking illegally, just like there never has been.

  • The proposal to sell the New Jersey Turnpike — or turn it over to the state pension board — strikes me as radically hostile to good public policy.

    Either a private owner or a pension-fund manager would be motivated — if not obligated — to enhance revenue, which could only mean doing everything they could to increase traffic volumes.

    The state’s interest in increased tolls would could at least be offset by environmental and other concerns.

    There’s a reason that some tasks are better suited to be government run.