Bicoastal Garbage Disposal Practices

Via a Streetsblog tipster: In Valley Village, Calif., near L.A., people leave their trash in the bike lane for the convenience of the sanitation crews.



Here in New York, we sometimes leave it where cars would otherwise park. Here’s a photo taken at midnight in a place where the sign says no standing from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.



Wednesday: Livable Streets Team at “No Impact Man” Screening

Streetsbloggers are encouraged to come out this Wednesday and join Clarence Eckerson and Kim Wiley-Schwartz from the Livable Streets Initiative, along with Amanda Gentile from Brooklyn Green Team and author Elizabeth Royte, for a panel discussion after a screening of the "No Impact Man" documentary. In case you’re still unfamiliar with No Impact Man, here’s […]