Bicoastal Garbage Disposal Practices

Via a Streetsblog tipster: In Valley Village, Calif., near L.A., people leave their trash in the bike lane for the convenience of the sanitation crews.



Here in New York, we sometimes leave it where cars would otherwise park. Here’s a photo taken at midnight in a place where the sign says no standing from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.



Macy’s: Leave the Car at Home

  J. Crew and W Hotels aren’t the only companies to promote cycling as of late. As part of its "Earth Week" campaign, Macy’s is running the above ad in local papers. Reads the copy: Leave the car at home. Ride a bike or walk to work if you can. Discover your own route. Now […]

See You in September — I’m on Maternity Leave!

Greetings loyal readers. This is a friendly public service announcement to let you know that I will be on maternity leave for 12 weeks beginning tomorrow. I’ll be back to a somewhat regular schedule, hopefully still able to form complete sentences, when September rolls around. In the meantime, we’re very lucky to have veteran Streetsblog USA editor Tanya Snyder filling […]

NYPD Let Witnesses Leave Scene of Fatal Fort Greene Crash

Aileen McKay-Dalton The NYPD failed to follow up with at least one key witness in its investigation of the crash that killed Aileen McKay-Dalton earlier this month, according to a woman who saw the collision and stayed at the scene. Witnesses were allowed to leave the scene without being interviewed by police or leaving contact […]

Bike-Sharing in Berlin

Since we’re talking about urban bike-sharing today, it’s worth taking a quick look at Germany’s Call-a-Bike program. The remarkable thing about this system is that you don’t even need to leave the bicycles in a set parking spot. Using your cell phone you call the phone number on the side of the bike, a magic […]