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Hamburg’s Quest to Get Bicycling Up to 25 Percent of All Trips

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Hamburg, a city of nearly two million people in northern Germany, has a 12 percent bike mode share and regularly ranks among the world’s most bike-friendly cities (Copenhagenize currently has it in 19th place). Nevertheless, many cyclists and advocates in Hamburg believe their government should be doing much more to build safer bike lanes and encourage cycling. Guest Streetfilms journalist Joe Baur was […]

Park, Ride and Wash in Fahrradfreundliche Muenster

Here are tipster-submitted pics from the bike-and-ride Radstation in Muenster, Germany — where a train depot sits adjacent to a massive bike parking garage, featuring, among other amenities, a bike washing machine. Price per wash: 3.25 Euros (about $4.13 currently, thanks to the leveling exchange rate). We’ve reported before on Germany’s flourishing bike culture, and […]