Dear Giant Bicycles, Please Bring This Ad Campaign to America

Reader Paul Murphy sends along this ad from the Australian division of Giant Bicycles. The spot, by the Melbourne-based firm Leo Burnett, started airing last summer as part of Giant’s “Real Riders” campaign. Imagine if images of grocery bags slung over handlebars could somehow saturate the airwaves as much as sleek new luxury sedans gliding through traffic-free downtown streets.

Has anyone seen an ad with so many scenes of city cycling air in the U.S.?

  • Anonymous

    Touché, Ben. What a beautiful clip!

  • fj

    Well, if Murdoch Press has its way just like here, pro-cycling ads might not be in Australia much longer either.

    “Murdoch Press Coverage of Aussie Carbon Price So Negative in 2011, “It’s Fair to Say They’ve Campaigned Against It”

    In fact Big Oil feels so entitled and powerful that it can threaten and go up against the President of the United States

    Latest on Keystone XL pipeline:  Oil Chief issues threat to Obama over decision @guardian:disqus 

  • MFS

    As first, I thought this was an ad for “Big Bicycle”.

  • bring it to America…. and run it during prime time on major networks like ABC, NBC and CBS.

  • Guest

    I’d rather see Giant step-up and do their part to support advocacy here in the U.S. than spend money on any advertising. Of the “Big 3” they lag behind Trek and even Specialized in supporting efforts to promote bicycling beyond the completive side of it. 

  • That is probably the best bit of advertising I have ever seen.  Although i’m not sure I have ever even seen a television spot for a bike company.  I hope this is being run on TV in Australia. 

      @ce04061b594359a15da01156e28a7a61:disqus Likewise, I was thinking this was for tall bikes.

  • Wow. that IS beautiful. Bring it to the States. I’m going to post that on LA Bikes.

    But one quibble. Please don’t encourage people to sling bags of groceries over their handlebars. Makes bike handling pure hell…not to mention, could get caught in the front wheel. And, hello above to my friend Charlie K.

    Khal Spencer, League Cycling Instructor

  • cool

  • Jim Brown

    Bring it!

  • Anonymous

    Bring it!  For the price of one professional rider ($200,000 per year) It would really legitimize cycling as being here and now

  • Allenp2

    I like the sentiment, but when will everyone realize that hanging bags from the handlebars is the WORST way to transport anything on your bike?!! Every little movement causes the bags to swing back and forth, which tugs the handlebars around and makes it impossible to steer properly. Use a backpack, shoulder bag, or panniers, people!

  • Good idea! Love the clip. I think it sends a great message to everyone.

  • Anonymous

    It would be awesome if we could get Trek to buy into an ad like this in the US.  I wonder how much more expensive it is to advertise on TV in the US?

  • Anonymous

    It would be awesome if we could get Trek to show a commercial like this.  I wonder how much more expensive it is to advertise in the US?


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