Today’s Headlines

  • Cuomo and Port Authority Board Come to Terms on PABT — But Does Cuomo Get His AirTrain? (NY1)
  • TWU Local 100 Says Off-Board Fare Collection Is Safer for Bus Drivers, Wants More of It (AMNY)
  • Developers Who Have Bungled the GWB Bus Terminal Reno Deign to Engage the Locals, Kind Of (DNA)
  • Bronx Council Members Withdraw Support From Bill to Reform Solid Waste Distribution (Politico)
  • O’Neill Says NYPD Will Keep Doing Stop-and-Frisk, Won’t Target Undocumented Immigrants (WSJ)
  • Motorist Hits Three People Changing Tire on I-95 in the Bronx, Killing One; No Charges (AMNY, News)
  • Drivers in the 19th Precinct Put Two People in the Hospital Last Weekend and Ben Kallos Said Nothing (DNA)
  • Safe Streets Critic and Toll Reform Foe Tony Avella Says He’ll Run for Mayor Again (Politico)
  • Meadowlands Mega-Mall Will Be Heavily Subsidized by New Jersey Taxpayers (WNYC)
  • Tom Wrobleski: Let’s Give DOT’s Car-Share Parking Plan a Chance — Ha Ha JK (Advance)

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  • Elizabeth F

    Malls have been built everywhere possible, NJ is now littered with old dying malls, and shopping is going on-line. What to do about it? Hey… let’s build an EVEN BIGGER mall on wetlands, and have taxpayers foot the bill? What words do we have for this, other than “inept” and “corrupt”?

  • ItsEasyBeingGreen

    Cement truck hits, kills Hell’s Kitchen cyclist

    Looks like victim will be blamed for riding on the sidewalk and eschewing this high quality bike facility:

  • JudenChino

    I think corrupt. Christie pushed for this. He didn’t have to. At the same time he killed ARC. Imagine instead of subsidizing a fucking mall for billions, he instead pushed for ARC Alt-G. But instead, a fucking mall, with very poor transit access (despite being a major sports destination).

  • c2check

    Would it be possible to make the posting date visible on the homepage? So headlines would read “Today’s Headlines for Date” or something like that?

  • Something of that nature is on the post-launch to-do list.

  • Kevin Love

    Deluded quote of the day, from the bottom Advance link:
    “So however we got here, parking is a shrinking commodity on Staten Island. We can’t just be giving spots away to private entities.”

    Kevin’s comment:
    By “private entities” the author was referring to car-share companies. But he is apparently OK with giving away for zero price valuable public property to private entities such as private car owners.

    Here’s an idea: Let us not give away valuable public property for nothing. There is a name for that. It is called “Socialism.” Instead, let’s use free-market capitalism to set a price for these car driver’s parking spots.


Today’s Headlines

Gateway Has PANYNJ Funding Commitment (Politico), Needs New Director (Politico) PABT Takes a Back Seat to Cuomo Vanity Projects (NYT, News) Post Editorial Board Is Wise to the Governor and His “Mystery Money” Good-Bye Conductor Cuomo (AMNY, DNA) LIRR Train Crashed at Twice the Speed Limit (NYT, News); Lawsuits Begin (DNA) Uber Tries Scaremongering to Thwart TLC Data Collection (DNA, AMNY) Car in […]

Today’s Headlines

Man Stealing Ambulance Runs Over and Kills EMT in the Bronx (NYT, AMNY, Post, News) The de Blasio Fundraising Investigation Is Over (NYT 1, 2, 3; Politico 1, 2) Fare Hike Takes Effect Sunday (AMNY); Conductor Cuomo Nowhere in Sight (NY1) Trump Budget: No Gateway (Politico, WNYC), $910M in Cuts for NYC (Politico) John Degnan Talks With the News About Cuomo’s […]

Today’s Headlines

Second Witness Implicates Cuomo in Bridgegate Testimony (Politico, WSJ) DiNapoli Says the MTA Has More Cash on Hand Than Expected for 2019 (Crain’s) Families for Safe Streets Launches Safe Driver Pledge Site in Memory of Allison Liao (Gothamist) Voice: Women Need Safe Streets to Ride Bikes, Not Marketing Campaigns NYC Paid Willets Point Garages to Build a Bronx “Auto Mall.” It […]

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Turning SUV Driver Kills Andrea Kremen, 68, on UES; “No Criminality Suspected” (News, WPIX) Cuomo’s Penn Station: Advo Concerns Muted (Crain’s); Dwyer: Could Happen; WNYC Posts Timeline Pouring Cash Into the Moribund Convention Business Is the Quintessential Cuomo Big Idea (NYT, Politico) Politico Says Master Road-Builder Cuomo Is Shaping Up as a Climate Change Hero Port Authority Reform Goes Nowhere in NJ State Legislature (Politico) WSJ: […]

Today’s Headlines

Council Approves Budget (Politico, NY1, WSJ); De Blasio Signs Bill Easing Quality of Life Penalties (DNA) Toll Reform, Upstate Uber Expansion, Ethics Reform Not on Albany’s To-Do List (NYT) Cuomo Says His LaGuardia Renovation Will Turn New York Around (DNA, Politico, Crain’s, News) 2nd Ave Sagas: What’s the Deal With Cuomo’s LaGuardia Train? Daily News Upset With Port Authority Bus […]

Today’s Headlines

Cuomo’s Latest Transportation Reveal: Cashless Tolls and Pretty Lights (NYT, Politico, AP, AMNY) The Voice Captured the Essence of Cuomo’s Cutting Edge Transformational Sexy Bold Creativity Cuomo in No Hurry to Appoint a New Port Authority Chief (Politico) PABT Survey Highlights Disconnect Between Ribbon Cutters and Commuters (Bloomberg) Process-Truther Dan O’Donnell Says Citi Bike Wastes “Critical Parking Spaces” on UWS (@pfrishauf) Now’s […]