Today’s Headlines

  • Hit-and-Run Driver Kills Cyclist Can Reng Ma in Sheepshead Bay (AMNYWNBCNewsPost)
  • More Coverage of de Blasio’s Vision Zero Presser (PoliticoWNYCAdvanceGothamist; DNA 12)
  • Daily News “Celebrates” Lives Saved by Taking Another Swipe at the Right of Way Law
  • Where Is Cuomo’s Penn Station RFP? (Politico)
  • World’s Priciest Train Station to Open in March, Says Port Authority (Gothamist)
  • De Blasio’s Horse Carriage Misadventure Rages On (NYT; Politico 1, 2, 3DNA; Gothamist; News)
  • Welcome to Midtown Manhattan, Where People Who Aren’t in Cars Are an Afterthought (HuffPo)
  • DOT: No Plans to Eliminate Left Turn From Manhattan Bridge Onto Neighborhood Street (DNA)
  • Witness Says Motorcyclist Who Killed Thomas McAnulty Tried to Leave the Scene (Gothamist)
  • Nassau: Drunk Driver Charged With Homicide After Second Driver Killed Cop Who Stopped Him (Post)
  • NJ Transit Is Falling Apart and NJ Governor Chris Christie Could Not Care Less (Bloomberg)

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  • Alexander Vucelic

    Waiting for Allan Rosen’s thoughts on the tragic killing in Sheepshead Bay

  • Mathew Smithburger

    I recall in 2014 after a pedestrian was killed in Central Park by a cyclist. I think we all remember that. The crackdown on cyclists in the park and in the City of New York after that terrible tragedy was equivalent– in effort and resources devoted to the cycling menace– to the City’s hunt for the Son of Sam killer back in the late 1970s. I hope the same effort is place today on rent-a-truck drivers in the five boroughs. Though I have a feeling the cyclist will be found to have been at fault.

  • East Villager

    The Huffington Post article describes well the frustration of trying to ride in the 8th Avenue protected bike lane. It was rideable before when it was a painted bike lane (I just went around the pedestrians, in the traffic lane), but now 8th Avenue through midtown is sadly off-limits to me. I take 6th Avenue at present, but when the protected lane goes in there, I’m afraid there will be no choice for me between Madison and 10th.

  • AMH

    What a crazy story re: the drunk driver in Nassau. The article doesn’t say anything about the driver who actually killed the officer, but I’m sure it’s unlikely they’ll face any consequences.


Today’s Headlines

Strike Averted, But NJ Transit Budget Still a Mess (NYT, WNYC, Post) Advocates Coalesce Behind de Blasio’s Housing Plan (Politico, DNA) Veronica Vanterpool and John Raskin Talk Transit on NY1 NYT Under the Impression That Car Safety Regulations Are a Paragon to Be Emulated for Buses Six Months After Opening, Hudson Yards 7 Station Not Looking So […]

Today’s Headlines

Council Approves Budget (Politico, NY1, WSJ); De Blasio Signs Bill Easing Quality of Life Penalties (DNA) Toll Reform, Upstate Uber Expansion, Ethics Reform Not on Albany’s To-Do List (NYT) Cuomo Says His LaGuardia Renovation Will Turn New York Around (DNA, Politico, Crain’s, News) 2nd Ave Sagas: What’s the Deal With Cuomo’s LaGuardia Train? Daily News Upset With Port Authority Bus […]

Today’s Headlines

De Blasio’s Streetcar May Screw Up the Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway (DNA) The Times Editorial Board Wonders Why Cuomo Is So Hot to “Blow a Hole” in NYC’s Budget Post: City Can Afford Both Vision Zero and Graffiti Clean-Up Tri-State: LIRR Service Problems Are Costing Long Island a Ton of Money (MTR) Bronx: Unlicensed Driver Hits 5 on Sidewalk; Hit-and-Run Car […]

Today’s Headlines

Eric Adams Wants Bike Lanes and Other Traffic Calming Measures on Flatbush Avenue (AMNY) Driver Strikes Child Boarding a School Bus in Stapleton Section of Staten Island (Advance) No One Is Stepping Up to Address the Northeast’s Deteriorating Transit Infrastructure (NYT) WTC Concourse Linking PATH and the Subway Opens Today (CBS, NY1); News Not Impressed The MTA Is […]

Today’s Headlines

NJ Transit Contract Negotiations Hurtle Toward the Brink (Politico, NYT, WNYC) More Coverage of Bratton Undermining de Blasio’s Vision Zero Goals (Gothamist, News) Van Driver Kills Man Crossing Intersection With No Crosswalk in Highbridge (News) Yellow Cab Driver Hits Two People and Crashes Into Building on First Ave (DNA, Post) Pedestrians Account for More Than a Quarter of […]

In Memoriam

By many measures, 2011 was a bleak year for advocates of traffic safety. Where 2010 offered hope with the passage of new laws designed to hold reckless drivers accountable for harming vulnerable street users and the seating of a district attorney who pledged to do the same, this year saw those same laws go all […]