Today’s Headlines

  • Study: Cab-Sharing Could Drastically Cut Traffic (NYT)
  • Left-Turning Taxi Driver Kills Woman, 58, in Crosswalk at 79th and Madison (NewsWCBS, NY1)
  • Driver Kills 53-Year-Old Man on Liberty Avenue in Jamaica (NY1, TL, WABC)
  • SUV Driver Kills Man, 62, Crossing Avenue P at Ocean Pkwy in Midwood (News 12, Bklyn Paper)
  • Drivers Refuse to Use New, More Ped-Friendly Turn Pattern at Flatbush and Myrtle (Bklyn Paper)
  • Seven License Suspensions Didn’t Stop This Man From Driving a Tractor-Trailer in NYC (Advance)
  • Pedestrian Bridge to Brooklyn Bridge Park Remains Closed for Repairs (Gothamist)
  • After Turning Speed Cams Off, Nassau County Enforcement Returns (WABC, WCBS)
  • Busy Jersey City Block Goes Car-Free; “They’re Trying to Turn It Into New York City” (NYT)
  • That’s One Way to Deal With a Placard Abuser (Tribeca Citizen)

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  • vnm

    From the NY Times piece: “a team of mathematicians and engineers has calculated that if taxi riders were willing to share a cab, New York City could reduce the current fleet of 13,500 taxis up to 40 percent, in that way unclogging traffic, conserving fuel and fighting air pollution.”

    The first part of that sentence sounds true. The second half, “in that way unclogging traffic, conserving fuel and fighting air pollution,” is based on an assumption that the street space relinquished by cabs wouldn’t instantly be filled up with people’s private vehicles.

    The only thing keeping more traffic from the streets of New York is the traffic caused by all the cabs. Take away the cabs and you get just as much traffic, but it would be private cars instead.

    Cab sharing is probably a good idea simply for the efficiency of it, but unclogging traffic, conserving fuel and fighting air pollution are probably not benefits that would result.

  • Geck

    The freed up space should be used to create complete streets (expanded sidewalks, protected bike lanes and real BRT)

  • Jeff

    Meanwhile, in Jersey City: “This isn’t New York City!”

    Meanwhile, in New York City: “This isn’t Amsterdam!”

    Meanwhile, in Amsterdam: “How can we adopt global best practices to make our city a better place to live?”

  • Ian Turner

    Actually, in Amsterdam, “This isn’t Italy!”

  • Danny G

    There’s probably just as many NIMBYs and just as many proponents of safe streets in Amsterdam as there are here. I don’t think there’s some inherent European magic that gives people there special powers to improve city life.

    That being said, let’s learn what we can from other people and places who are already riding the wheels we are trying to invent.

  • Jeff

    Of course. I was just having fun. Hell, I was once on a train in the Netherlands, and some angry-looking guy was ranting about something, and my Dutch friend told me that he was saying how “Next time one of those damn bicycles just darts out into traffic, I’m just going to hit them with my car.”

  • Andy B from Jersey

    There is generally a greater deal of trust of the government in Europe than here in the U.S. so I would think the NIMBYs are less numerous. Still when it comes to closing streets to cars business owners in Europe also bemoaned that they would loose business only to later say that they were a big fan of the project after the project was a big success.

  • Andy B from Jersey

    Hmmm.. So that fancy bridge over the BQE is falling apart already. How am I not surprised.

  • ddartley

    SI Advance story:
    Are there criminal charges that the driver’s employer can face, even just from this incident alone?

  • Bolwerk

    I wouldn’t say it’s inherently European, but the “magic” is something approaching proportional representation and an engaged citizenry. New York “democratic” institutions are hijacked by ignoramuses, incompetents, and narcissists. People who stand to benefit tend to be either quiet, unaware, or unable to engage, and even when they do engage they often get shouted down.

    Almost nothing proposed by say, JSK, stood to benefit anything less than a supermajority. But you wouldn’t know it by the complaining.


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