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  • Q Poll: NYC Divided on Fair Toll Plan, 41%-49%, Without Mention of Transit Revenue (CapNY)
  • Business Owners Afraid of New Street Design Get Queens CB 9 to Table DOT Vision Zero Plan (QChron)
  • Dan Doctoroff Won’t Give Up On His Olympic Dreams (Crain’s, CapNY)
  • EDF NY Director Criticizes De Blasio Housing Plan for Not Being Green, Ignores Parking (Crain’s)
  • Ulrich, Addabo, Goldfeder Join PS 232 Parents Calling for Safety Fixes From DOT (Q Chron)
  • CB 1 Supports Flushing Avenue Bike Route Consisting Mostly of Shared Lanes (Bklyn Paper, DNA)
  • CB 8’s General Board Supports Franklin Avenue Road Diet and Bike Lane; Next Up: CB 9 (DNA)
  • Bronx CB 8 Resolution Supports Greenway, But Not the On-Street Sections (Riverdale Press)
  • Ticket Blitz in Rego Park and Forest Hills (DNA); NYPD Launches Another One Citywide (Advance)
  • SEC Probes Port Spending on NJ State Road Projects (Record); Christie Not Worried (LAT)

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  • Suggest preposing borough names to all CB designators as a style policy. Bullet 8 is clearer than bullets 6 and 7,

  • SteveVaccaro

    Flushing bike facility extension such a great plan. I use it all the time to get to Elmhurst, avoid the Newtown’s “fingers.”

    And yes, I know shared lanes are a highly inferior type of infrastructure. They were inferior for the 2 years they were in place on Second Avenue between 23rd and 14th before they were replaced with a separated bike path.

  • Kevin Love

    From the Advance:

    “The initiative marks the third traffic enforcement effort run by the city in less than a month — the police launched a two-day speeding crackdown on May 20 and 21, then a weeklong effort from May 26 to June 1.”

    Kevin’s comment:
    Most places in Japan or Europe would think this is truly crazy. To be effective, law enforcement must be consistent. Indeed, inconsistency is regarded as a sign of police failure.

    Can we imagine if the NYPD approach to traffic violence were taken towards other crimes of violence? Then the NYPD would publish this news release:

    “Today NYPD starts a two-day rape crackdown. Normally we just interview people accused of sexual assault and release them with ‘no criminality suspected.’ But for the next two days we are actually going to investigate these crimes. See our flyer telling women not to dress slutty and other ‘blame the victim’ advice to avoid rape.”

    It occurs to me that there is a rich vein of parody humor in the category of “what if NYPD treated other crimes of violence the same as they do traffic violence.”

  • Kevin Love

    From the Queen’s Chronicle:

    “The main issue was the proposal to make Metropolitan Avenue a one-way eastbound between Hillside Avenue and 131st Street, which Butler said would disrupt businesses by eliminating a key route customers take by car.”

    Wow! Those businesses making a dollar is so much, much more important than human life.

    Can we imagine if this exact same approach to safety were taken in, for example, coal mining?

    News release from Coaltown, West Virginia:

    “Coaltown’s Community Board 9 has voted to reject the Department of Labor’s latest proposals to implement mine safety standards. CB9’s chairman stated, ‘nobody denies that our mines are dangerous. There have been 12 deaths and 271 injuries so far this year. And nobody denies that the government’s proposals for mine safety have a proven track record of success. But these government proposals for mine safety could disrupt coal production and reduce mine owner profits. So we voted to reject them.”

  • So Michael Butler, president of the Richmond Hill Business Persons Corp., said to Queens CB9 about the DOT plan: “I’m telling you we will fight this plan. We’ll shut down traffic if we have to. They’re lying and this is wrong.”

    Is that a threat to shut down traffic or a promise?

  • Jeff

    2nd Ave between 23th and 14th St was curbside class 2, but your point is still valid.

  • Jeff

    I think this is a worthy successor to #replacebikewithcar (e.g., “You DROVE here today? In the RAIN?!?”)

    Announcing #replaceaccidentwithmurder:

    “The murderer was up to date on his tax returns, and therefore no criminality was suspected.”

    (And yes, I intentionally misused the word “accident”, because we are explicitly parodying the status quo.)

  • Bolwerk

    Oh well, pragmatism and compassion align on this one unambiguously. Fewer cars and more foot traffic is good business.

  • Kevin Love

    Yes, yes!

    Or how about this for a sentencing submission for a bank robber:

    “For the rest of his life, the bank robber is going to have to live with the memory of the screams of pain of the person he shot and killed. Isn’t that punishment enough?”

  • Daphna

    The “safe teams” being deployed by the DOT to do pedestrian outreach are creating HORRIBLE noise pollution. The DOT has the idea to put up speed boards to show drivers how fast they are going, and to educate pedestrians, and to have targeted NYPD enforcement at dangerous intersections.

    Unfortunately, this pedestrian outreach means using amplified sound that carries for blocks and blocks and blocks. The sound it so loud – it comes right in through the walls and through closed windows several blocks away.

    125th Street and Amsterdam is one such intersection. It was supposed to have gotten sidewalks extensions to shorten the crossing distance. These were included in the M60 SBS plan for 125th Street. But that plan was downsized due to opposition from CB9, from CB10 and from NY State Senator Bill Perkins. So instead of a safer intersection that by design, even without enforcement, would be safer, the DOT is out there with a loud speaker talking about how to cross safely. UGH.

    I support Vision Zero, but adding this much noise pollution is an awful technique.

    Has anyone else experienced deployment of these DOT “safe teams”? How long do they stay at a location?

  • Daphna

    Today’s headlines show how Community Boards in some areas are holding up progress towards safer streets. The boro presidents, and the city council members who appoint these community board members need to hear from their constituents who support street improvements. These politicians need to be encouraged to appoint different people to the community boards. People who care about vision zero need to be more proactive about getting on their local community boards: apply to the full Board, contact your boro presidents or city councilmember and express your interest, apply to join the transportation committee of your community board as a public member, go to your full board meetings and speak in the public sessions, write to the board members and express your opinions, etc.

  • Daphna

    The Riversdale Press article highlights obstructionist opinions from Charles Moerdler and Bob Bender. Charles Moerdler, of the Land Use committee of Bronx CB8, seems to think that a plan to improve and connect the greenway is done by “introducing legislation.” Bob Bender of the Parks committee of Bronx CB8 opposes using Riverside Park as a greenway. They both seems to be pushing to water the project down and delay it and are thus calling for studies and other delay tactics. It is a shame that the Bronx residents might loose this great plan that the MTA and Metro North partnered to design and offer to Bronx CB8 because of the wrong-mindedness of certain people in powerful positions..

  • JamesR

    Have you been to any of the meetings? It’s not Bob Bender or Chuck Moerdler so much as it is a large bloc of local, connected property owners and users of Riverside Park who fear a ‘bike speedway’. Yes, there have been folks standing outside of meetings handing out flyers that mention ‘Bike Speedways’ which will destroy the park’s tranquility.
    The cycling community needed to turn out in force to the meetings and make their voice heard. Except for a few token NYCC members, they didn’t do so, and this is the result. The local property owners made their voices heard loud and clear. Some of them even hired a videographer to record committee meetings, which I’m sure they later analyzed after the fact.

    Much of what we are seeing is the result of the failure folks to show up. Clicktivism is always easier than long, drawn out meetings late at night.

    For the record, the plan was produced by NYMTC, not the MTA.


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DOT’s Fear of Community Boards Leads to Bike Lane Gaps in Brooklyn

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