Today’s Headlines

  • NYPD Crash Reports and Investigations Hidden From Public — And Victims, Too (WNYC)
  • WNYC Reporters Talk About Station’s Year-Long Project on Traffic Fatalities
  • It’s Hard for Victims’ Families to Speak Up, But It’s Critical to Making Change (The Weekly Nabe)
  • Advocates Lament New York’s Uncertain Transit Funding Future (CapNY)
  • Court Throws Out Five Queens DWI Cases After Ruling NYPD Set Up Illegal Checkpoint (DNA)
  • Driver Crashes, Flips Vehicle in Flatlands After Gunman Opens Fire (News)
  • Port Authority Chair, Under Investigation, Skeptical That PA Can Be Reformed (WNYC)
  • Bronx Community Boards Seek More Training to Influence City Planning Decisions (City Limits)
  • A New Bike Corral Could Be On Its Way to Red Hook (DNA)
  • Woman Arrested for Driving SUV On Top of Q Train After Lying About Carjacking (DNANews)
  • This Is One Way to Get TLC to Suspend Your Hack License (Gothamist, WPIX)

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  • Morris Zapp

    As happy as I am with what WNYC is doing, it’s disturbing that they’re approaching it as if motorists killing with impunity is a recent phenomenon, and that this is a one year “project.”

    Where have they been? And what will they do in 2015, when people are still being maimed and killed by drivers who are still getting away with it?

  • Komanoff

    Where is WNYC saying or implying what you’ve said about impunity? I looked but didn’t see it. More importantly, why isn’t it sufficient that, as you suggest, their new project is terrific?

    WNYC is a radio station. They do journalism. It’s only within the past year or less that new advo’s like Families for Safe Streets and Right Of Way have added their voices and tactics to those pressed for years by T.A. and S’blog, so that the problem of dangerous driving (powerfully re-framed as traffic criminality and violence) has become an *issue* that journo’s have to cover.

    Now that they’re covering it, let’s encourage that, while of course feeding them info and story ideas through action, advocacy, etc. Berating them for past sins isn’t helpful.

  • Albert

    I heard the recent segment, and then heard it broadcast at least twice more within 24 hours. Bravo, WNYC, which has evolved in their understanding of livable streets issues already quite a bit over the last couple years.

    I look forward to a later segment where I hope WNYC will be explicit about why groups like Families for Safe Streets advocate for a lower “20 is Plenty” speed limit than the 25 mph speed limit that Vision Zero is shooting for. The segment mentioned this difference, but didn’t explain the ramifications. Five mph probably seems insignificant to anyone other than informed livable streets advocates, and people need to know that it’s actually quite significant.

  • JoshNY

    Two days in a row of car-friendly fluff from NY1; today they’re covering a city councilman sticking up for constituents who got ticketed for driving in a bus lane.

  • Bolwerk

    Damn, the NYPD screws the pooch on breaking the law when SCOTUS carves rules that allow it to break the law.

  • I think what WNYC is doing is terrific. They have a great group of journalists working there who can add an intense spotlight to this urgent issue.

  • Jonathan

    Indeed, bear in mind also that morning radio is a great way to reach motorists, who I hope are not trying to read Streetsblog while behind the wheel.

  • AnoNYC
  • AnoNYC


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