Today’s Headlines

  • NYT Casts Vision Zero as “Somewhat Quixotic,” But Opposition Is Scant
  • NYPD Cites CIS for Bratton’s Victim-Blaming Stat; Jaywalking Tickets Are Way Up (GothamistWPIX)
  • Neighbors Demand Criminal Charges for Man Who Killed Min Lin With Front-End Loader (News)
  • Grand Jury Indicts Lucian Merryweather’s Killer for Criminally Negligent Homicide (DNA)
  • MTA Will Add a Stop to Nostrand SBS at Gates Ave (DNA)
  • Eric Adams: “A 20 MPH Limit Is Worth Looking At” (Bklyn Paper)
  • MTA’s Interactive Touchscreens Are Here (WNYC)
  • Glendale Can’t Wait for New Plaza, Coming in 2015 (QChron)
  • Current Urban Design Issues in Howard Beach (QChron)
  • Make Love, Not Carnage (WNYC)

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  • qrt145

    Have there been any comments lately about the reliability of CitBike docks? I’ve had lots of trouble returning bikes lately, and it’s not because the station is full, but because the docks don’t work. The worst was last week, where I had to try some 40 docks in 4 different stations until I found one that worked. But I’ve had similar problems in a smaller scale a few other times. I guess the weather is really messing up the docks. And I don’t mean cases where a pile of ice physically prevents you from docking the bike in; I’m talking about docks that are clear but you put the bike in and it just doesn’t respond.

    PS: the one redeeming quality about last week’s docking ordeal is that the station where I finally managed to dock was the one in front of the Plaza! 😉

  • qrt145

    The problem with the NYT article about vision zero is that it casts the problem as one of “the reality on the street” with hardly any mention about the reality in the state capitol or the reality in the courthouses…

  • Sean Kelliher

    Recently, I’ve had the same problem. One time, I had to try about 10 docks before I could find one that would accept the bike. Some docks had no reaction. On others, the dock’s yellow light would come on, there was a whirling or grinding noise, but it would not lock the bike.

    I called Citibike to tell them about the issue. The technician said she would note the problem, but didn’t have any information if this was a widespread occurrence.

  • Kevin Love

    Vision Zero is hardly Quixotic. Many other countries have much, much better safety records than the USA. In particular, The Netherlands has the world’s safest roads, with death rates about one third of those in the USA. Source:

    Please notice from the same source that cycling is 17 times more dangerous in the USA than in The Netherlands.

    A little closer to home, roads in Canada are about twice as safe as in the USA. In particular, the province of Ontario has the safest roads of any jurisdiction in North America. Source:

    The two major reasons for these striking differences in road safety are infrastructure and enforcement, with infrastructure being the most important. Dutch pedestrian and cycling infrastructure puts stout physical barriers between people and car drivers. Dutch pedestrian and cycling routes are also largely unravelled from car routes so that people rarely have to interact with car drivers at all. In particular, residential streets in major cities are NOT through routes for car drivers. See:

  • Kevin Love

    The reality in the state capital can be changed through elections.

    Even The Netherlands used to have car-choked cities and a high car crash death rate. Then people got fed up with having themselves and their children killed and changed this reality. For how they did it, see:

    And here is how children and their parents worked in 1972 to improve a part of Amsterdam that looks very much like many New York neighborhoods. See:

    Needless to say, we can do it also!

  • Bolwerk

    I don’t mean this quite literally, but Hamburg seems to have a real Vision Zero. (Sort of saying this in response to @disqus_ggY8CnVn5H:disqus’ s comment.)

  • Clarke

    Saw this same exact issue today too. Maybe half of all available docks were inaccessible due to uncleared snow, and then about half of the ones clear enough to dock a bike were nonresponsive.

  • Kevin Love

    Needless to say, I approve of Hamburg’s goal to join the ranks of cities with car-free downtowns. I see that Hamburg will have a car-light zone around the car-free zone.

    In the car-light zone, streets are only through streets for walking, cycling and public transit. Car and truck drivers can only drive there as a destination for people or cargo, and not drive through to somewhere else.

    This is the formula in virtually every Dutch city, and seems to work well. In particular, residential streets are NOT through streets for car drivers. This makes residential neighborhoods so much nicer!

    New York can easily do the same with a car-free Island of Manhattan. See:

    An excerpt:

    “Next Tuesday, February 18, Auto-Free New York will celebrate the 25th Anniversary of its advocacy for sustainable transport in NYC.

    The meeting will be held at the Transportation Alternatives office, 127 West 26th Street, 10th Fl., in Manhattan, from 6 to 8PM.”

  • Bolwerk

    Agreed in general, but New York also has to take a step Hamburg took a while ago: it needs to take transit seriously again. :-

  • Daniel

    I haven’t had any issue getting a bike locked into a dock. However, twice in the last month I’ve had the dock give me a red light after securely locking the bike. Go figure.

  • Jeffrey Baker

    I’ve had the same problem in San Francisco (we have the same racks and bikes as you.) However it seems related to the bike, not the rack. On the docks that didn’t work for me, I was able to take another bike and pop it in there on the first try.

  • Ollie Oliver

    I had a similar issue recently. For me, clearing the snow under the rear wheel did the trick. A couple inches of snow is enough to change the angle of the bike, similar to lifting from the seat to undock it.


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