Today’s Headlines

  • Citi Bike Supplier Bixi Files for Bankruptcy After Years of Turmoil (NYT, Montreal Gazette 12)
  • Bratton Faces Backlash Over Jaywalking Tickets (Post)
  • De Blasio: No Citywide Jaywalking Blitz, But Precinct Commanders Free to Issue Tix (Observer, WCBS)
  • Queens Had Most Pedestrian Fatalities of Boroughs Last Year; Bronx Had Biggest Increase (News)
  • Driver Dead, Four Injured as Cement Truck Crashes Into University Heights Home (News, WABC, WCBS)
  • Driver Jumps Curb, Crashes Into UES Storefront, Injuring Passengers; No Charges (WNBC, WCBS)
  • DOT Cuts PPW Speed Limit to 25 MPH in Wake of Sammy Cohen Eckstein’s Death (Bklyn Paper, News)
  • Costa Constantinides and Astoria Residents Push DOT on 21st Street Traffic Calming (NY1, YouTube)
  • City Will Extend Rockaway Ferry Subsidy But Increase Fare as It Seeks Long-Term Operator (DNA, News)
  • Cuomo Still Hasn’t Created TZB Toll Task Force (LoHud) as NYT Marvels at Governor’s Big Project
  • Serrano Blocks Part of FreshDirect’s Subsidy Request for South Bronx Distribution Center (Bx Times)
  • Schumer Promises to Continue Supporting Hudson River Greenway in the Bronx and Yonkers (LoHud)

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  • Jeff

    I never thought I’d say this but… awesome coverage about the ticket blitz from the Post! As usual, it’s just a series of man-on-the-street-interviews, but almost every quote they used wasn’t just condemning the jaywalking tickets, but saying that the crackdown needs to be on the motorists who cause injury.

  • Mark Walker

    Post: “De Blasio called the [pedestrian ticketing] crackdown ‘appropriate’.”

  • Michael Klatsky

    well, they pander – the readership is most pedestrians and motor vehicle drivers- both of which hates bikers.

  • Inspector Spacetime

    The NYT article about the TZ was a love letter, with no talk about the revenue capture that will be necessary, and how that played into why they didn’t include a commuter rail or BRT option.

  • Albert

    Wow—In the Observer, reporter Jill Colvin described Mr. Wong’s alleged infraction as “the usually ignored crime of jaywalking”!

    Not that Ms. Colvin is necessarily one of the many reporters who reflexively parrot NYPD’s usually premature pronouncements of “no criminality” after most motor vehicle pedestrian deaths or injuries, but…wow.

    Apparently, “jaywalking” is a crime, pure & simple, while injuring/killing a non-motorist with your motor vehicle is not criminal. Our priorities: enabling the fast, continuous flow of motor vehicles and “cracking down” on anyone who threatens to impede that flow.

  • JamesR

    I wouldn’t call it a love letter, but the piece does display an appreciation for the new bridge’s tremendous scale as well as the expertise required to take on an infrastructure megaproject like this – as terribly flawed as this particular one may be.

  • JamesR

    re: the Greenway link in the Bronx and Yonkers: there is a vocal group of homeowners on the Palisade Ave corridor (the proposed alignment for the initial Greenway stage through Riverdale following the HH Bridge) who have been turning out to CB meetings against this project – citing it as a ‘bicycle superhighway’ that will destroy the area’s character – and I have not yet seen a countervailing group of folks who are for this project since the Greenway Plan’s completion. It’s nice that Schumer supports the project, but in all reality, there really needs to be more on-the-ground turnout in favor of the proposed alignment if it’s going to get a CB vote.

  • Maggie

    “FreshDirect has already accepted around $127 million in subsidies…” and now looking for signoff on $3.5 million more.

    Oof! I get that dollars in a city’s budget aren’t exactly fungible, and Alta Bikeshare is part of the equation, but remind me why we don’t have bikeshare stations across the Bronx, Queens, and Manhattan above 60th Street. There’s no city funding? No corporate sponsors? I think I found a good candidate…


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